Saturday, August 06, 2011

The Peaceful Forest Summer Garden

 One of our many squash plants!

I seem to be pretty good at growing squash and green beans. What happened was I planted some squash seeds and they didn't come up. So I started more plants inside and by the time they were ready to transplant outside, the seeds had come up. So I have a good constant supply of squash this year.

Dandelions are good for you!

This morning I took a walk around to see what I had. I hadn't been out there the last few days. With raised beds you don't have to weed daily. I have been leaving the dandelions and red clover in. I think they help the plants. The beds that have them in seem to do really well. We eat the dandelions and lambs quarters in salads all summer long. I really don't like to cook them, but you can. I have thought of putting up some jars for the winter and they can be eaten as canned spinach or kale is.

Lambs Quarters is another wonderful weed!

 A few of my squash plants have that powdery mildew on them. I always have that on cucumbers and squash plants. It could be because our yard is surrounded by trees and has more shade than they should have. I will have to try mixing up a  homemade natural solution for it. Though it may be too late for mine now. They are still producing so it doesn't seem to prevent the squash from forming.

Cherry Tomato plants! 

Tomatoes used to be plentiful too. But now that the air is full of those nasty spores that bring the Late Blight to NY gardens, I haven't grown them this year. The cherry tomatoes, as I told before on here, came up on their own. What is funny about that, is that they say to get rid of all the volunteers, so you don't get the blight. But these are the only tomatoes that I can grow, that do not get the blight! So we keep them. Have to at least have some fresh tomatoes for our salads! I cannot stand the ones bought in the stores as they have no taste.

 Another raised bed of green beans in the backyard!

Green beans is a vegetable that I serve a lot. I like to add Italian dressing to it or cook it in bacon grease for a great flavor. I have even made it into my famous squash casserole by substituting it for the squash in the recipe. Cooking a pot of green beans with little potatoes is also a way I serve it. Last year my on line friend, Shawn, alerted me to the nice touch of canning the wax beans with the green beans. Now that is how I do it. Makes for a pretty dish!

 Another squash plant!

By planting vegetables and harvesting wild foods, such as the good weeds and berries, wild grapes, apples and whatever else grows in our area, we are able to preserve foods for the winter. We eat some fresh and can the rest. I love coming up with new ways to cook the foods. It gets to be like a game, storing more food by finding new ones to can or preserve. What foods do you preserve for your winter supply?

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