Monday, August 01, 2011

Prepare Right Now For Winter

 Green Beans Are My Best Crop!

I have seen many people searching Google for storing foods or stocking up food for the winter. So regardless of whether you are into homesteading or not, we all need to eat! How to do that with the economy in such pits? Is there a way you know of putting your food up for the winter months at least?

Yellow Summer Squash

Right now it the perfect time! Are you intimidated by planting a garden? Do you think it is too late? It is not too late. I plant in the spring and replant when the plants stop producing. Right through to the fall, I am replanting. The more food I can get out of my garden the more money I save in our food budget. Then I have extra money to spend on meat and the products we cannot produce ourselves.

 Zucchini Is Another Good Producer!

I like to make up my own mixes for items like cream soups, puddings, hot cocoa mix, baking mix, etc. They are cheaper that way and you can put the ingredients in them that you want. I like to make my mixes sugar free and low carbs. But you can make your own mixes to suit yourself.


I learned from the tightwad tips on Homesteading Today to plant my potato eyes from my store bought potatoes. They don't come up every time, but all the potatoes I have growing this year are from those.

 Cherry Tomatoes!

The past two years I have not had one tomato besides the cherry tomatoes due to the late blight. So I have no tomatoes to can. I have to buy them from a produce market in our area. You can also buy the larger cans of tomatoes, tomato sauce and tomato paste and can them into the sizes you need. Quarts or pints.

 Hubbard Squash, Thought It was Supposed To Be Green!

Try to come up with a plan. A plan will help you figure out what foods you eat and really like. Then you can plant them more and more each year. Maybe you will be able to plant foods that you can't afford right now. Like asparagus. That is my plan for next year. Asparagus and blueberries. Learn to can, dehydrate and freeze if you have that option and want to do it. But don't do all your food in the freezer. In case of a power outage, you would need some quick foods like the canned ones. If there was an emergency, you would not have the time or energy to can foods that are stored in your freezer. I hear so many people say that is what they would do. Not a smart option in the middle of a power outage! What is your plan?

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