Monday, September 26, 2011

The Forest Homestead In Autumn

Fall is coming quickly here. Our days are shorter. The trees are changing colors. Their leaves are dropping. Our garden plants are fading. We are keeping our windows closed during the night. And of course, our usual fall visitors that come into the house to find a spot to hibernate........the conifer bugs, or also called the "stink bug" are making their way slowly right now.

The leaves change color when the temperatures get lower. When the days get shorter. They change slowly at first, then it will accelerate. Soon all the trees will have the beautiful color that everyone looks forward to seeing. They will even have a fall smell to them as you walk through the forest and yard. It will be a strong smell here as we are completely surrounded.

In our area, of upstate NY, we almost always get a lot of rain in the fall. With that, usually comes wind too. The combination takes most of the leaves off the trees. I will be sad to see the trees bare again, but that is the season process.

We are busy doing our fall chores. These are the chores to help us get through the winter easier. Every year we find there are things we should have done, so if we remember back that far, we try to do it for the up coming winter. I want it to be very organized this winter so there won't be much stress. So far I am accomplishing much in this area.

I am still canning foods, but in truth, I never stop. During the winter I will be canning meat, cheese and butter. Now, in the fall is the time for canning tomatoes, fruits, especially apples, which are abundant in our area now. Also winter squashes, pumpkins, beets, cabbage and any root vegetables that grab my eye. If I didn't grow it, I will buy it locally. What about you? Are you still canning or about done with your food supply for the winter? I hope you got a lot of food and supplies put away for the winter this year. I know I did!

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All Photographs Copyright © 2011  Kathleen G. Lupole

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