Friday, November 11, 2011

How I Improved My eBay Auctions

One of my recent auctions on eBay!

I have been having some success on my eBay auctions lately. I read a free eBook called "7 Deadliest eBay Sins" and it has improved my listings immensely. I thought I knew it all! But no, the author in this book really explained it in simple, easy language for me. Of course, he has videos on his site and I have to get up between 2:00 AM and 7:00 AM to view them. Now it seems that my auctions are doing better.

Another one! Antique nails!

My auctions have been selling and I am using the 50 Free listings that eBay allows. It helps me make some extra money and we can all use some of that, right? I really have no complaints at all selling there. The fees aren't that bad no matter what rumors you hear. It costs way more to have your own site! Plus you may not get that much traffic to it. Where eBay has the traffic. Can't argue with that. I still tweet my eBay auctions. But it just takes that one person looking for something you are selling to get a sale. You never know.

Close up shots are essential!

Some of the key changes I have made in my listings are:

  • Free Shipping! Everyone likes this. Even if their items cost more as long as they don't have to pay for shipping.
  • Refunds available! This too, will make a buyer more comfortable with shopping with you. I give them 14 days to return the item. 7 days does not seem like enough time to me. 
  • Communication! As soon as I know my auction has been sold and paid for, I send a friendly email thanking the buyer for it. Then when I ship it, I send another email with their Delivery Confirmation number with a personal message. 
  • After it has shipped, I leave the buyer their feedback.
  • Better photos! I created an area in my house that is like a small studio for my eBay photos. What a difference that has made! Especially for the small items, like jewelry. 
  • Read the eBay discussion boards. Lurk. Just read and let it sink it. That is what I do. 
  • Research whatever it is you plan to sell. I study, study and study some more. It helps to know your market.
  • I designed a nice template to make the listings look more professional. I plan on buying one of my own soon. 
  • I explain in detail the payments, the shipping and the refund policy.
  • I designed a nice about me page to explain who I am. I am a real live person! 

There you have it. Maybe some of these ideas are not new to some of you. But I have looked at many listings on eBay that barely even tell you what the item is, let alone what their policies are. Well, off to work on some new photos and auctions. Have a good day!

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