Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Food Wars Include Low Carbers

Ground Beef for low carb meals!

As most people know, I eat mostly low carb foods. I follow Dr. Atkins' induction food plan when I am being very good. When I am not being very good.............I suffer! Not kidding! I have written about it in this post, The Key To Low Carb Cooking.

Baked Beans Is A High Carb Meal!

Something I have noticed on the internet and elsewhere, is that there are food wars going on. It is so weird how people want everyone else to do exactly what they are doing. If they are vegetarians, they put down the meat eaters. Or vice versa. If they eat high carbs, they put down low carbs. I guess it carries over to other parts of life though. Smokers vrs non-smokers. Drinkers vrs non-drinkers. Homesteaders vrs "Yuppies" (or whatever you call them).

One of the low carb foods that I rely on!

Why is that? I personally, like to encourage people in my lifestyle or food plan, if they show a interest in it. If not, then one less person to move out to the country or buy up all the good meat and produce in the store! If they are not interested in the things I am, that is fine with me. I will not fight with them or argue about it. I am not trying to say my way is the best way, or the only way. Just my way.

Berries are a low carb fave!

My husband and I tried several times to switch to vegetarian. It did not do it for us. We both grew up with meat at every meal, and was not satisfied without it. When I read Dr. Atkins book, I found that everything he said for me, was right on. Ever since I switched, my health improved and I lost weight. So it speaks for itself.

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