Sunday, January 01, 2012

A New Year

Simplify our house!

This is the first day of 2012. My goodness, last year certainly went fast! Everybody is busy writing their resolutions for 2012  down last night or today. What about you? Do you have plans for the new year? Starting over, wiping the slate clean? Maybe looking at the resolutions you made for last year, and trying again this year? And if so, why? What caused you to not keep your resolutions last year? Can you change it this year? I can. So can you!

The most important item on my agenda is to simplify my home. To keep taking things to the thrift store if it is not being used anymore. What is the sense of holding onto things that are not used anymore? I got rid of a load of books this year, but have more to get rid of. The books I held onto were books that I use like guide books. Those I will keep, but other books are on the way out too. I have slowly been switching over to mostly digital items, such as music, books, even my photos. I love the digital world! No file cabinets or book cases needed!

The two things that I seem to accumulate are books and junk mail. Lots of paper. The more I get rid of it, the more I seem to have. My rule now is no more physical books. And junk mail is put in the box by the wood stove for fire starting. I still receive a lot of physical catalogs even though I do almost all my purchases online. I like the seed catalogs, but don't really care for the others. My son likes to read the Sportsman Guide though.

Working on house

We are always striving to improve our homestead. Our house needs work and it is constantly an ongoing project. Many improvements have been made over the years. Now I am working to increase my income so we can get these projects completed faster. Not that I haven't always been doing that. Then move on. Get our water in our house, our battery room completed and batteries in there and our wind turbine up. Those are the main projects that we badly need done.

Green Beans in beds 2011

The next most important item for me will be making my garden produce more food this year. Plan it better and do not grow anything that we don't regularly eat. Like trying new crops. If I try them, I will only plant a plant or two this year, and see what the outcome is. Do we love it and want more? Or was it something no one really liked that much? Also plant more of the vegetables that we eat a lot of. Make every speck of space in the beds count! Looking forward to putting my plans into action and focus on these resolutions for 2012. Hope you have an awesome year!

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