Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cold, But Beautiful Morning!

Cold, But Beautiful Morning!

This morning my husband awoke to his horse, Dark Shadow, whinnying loudly. He hurried up and got dressed, and went outside to check on her. She usually does that when she wants him for some reason. And usually it is important. She doesn't just do that all the time.They had eaten all their night hay, and needed was cold! Hay warms them up fast. So he gave them more and went back inside.

Hay Keeps Horses Warm In Cold Temps!

He came in and started the job of getting the big heating wood stove opened up and then adding wood. He started the kerosene heater in the bathroom. Unfortunately, it had been moved, and the wick had become crooked, so it smoked. After he fixed it, we had a warm bathroom.

Below Zero This Morning!

We started off with temps of ten below zero, in a bit it had come up two degrees. After he got the stoves cranking to warm up the house, he went out to the woods quickly and brought back more kindling. We had been lax on stocking up kindling. So that won't happen again!

Tightening the chain

We have been getting our own wood and only buy some when we come across a great deal. Soon though, we will be getting our own wood lot since we do not want to cut our forest down. Up until now, we have used only dead wood or fallen trees. After our tornado in 2000, we heated with those trees for years.

Getting ready to add some more wood!

Once our fire is going in our big heating wood stove, you are warm and cozy. In fact, whoever sits in the chair in front of the stove, is almost guaranteed to fall asleep! The fire does that to you for some reason. I make it a point to never sit there. I am not one to take a nap during the daytime. The sun is now shining on our homestead and bringing in power to our solar panels. Just a busy morning here.........on our forest homestead.

Callie and Patches keeping warm!

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