Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Protecting Home Canned Foods From Freezing

Packing Boxes For Our Move To FL In 1994!

There is no question about it, our homesteading life can be hard. It is much harder if you do not organize your house as well as your time. Many jobs around the homestead can be eliminated if you have organized your home. I know from experience. I was far from organized the last few years. Boy, would I get stressed! Where to start? What can I do? Then I found Flylady!

Did I change overnight? No! Have I always been this way? Heavens no! I was once the most organized person in the world. I kid you not. What happened? Life happened. Moving to and then back again from Florida in 1995 was the beginning of my disorganization. Actually, it was when I move there in 1994, that did it. The house was way too small and had barely any closets or cupboards to put anything in. It seems after that, every house I moved into did not have enough room for my stuff.

Home Canned Foods

I was so overwhelmed by the job of storing my home canned foods once my husband started work on our battery room. It meant the cellar would be open and would now get too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer to store jars of food. It also made it accessible to critters during the night. So I put them in my pantry. Then the mice came in and got the jars all dirty on top. I would cover them with plastic to protect them. It was a nightmare!

Empty jars are on the bottom now.

Soon I started buying plastic (And you know HOW MUCH I hate plastic!) containers, like the Rubbermaid ones. Now I keep my jars of food and almost everything else inside them. There was still one problem. In the winter now, my pantry gets really cold. So the containers that had home canned food in them could freeze if they were sitting on the floor. Which they were.  Now they are off the floor and sitting on containers of empty jars. Easy to get to when I am in the middle of canning and need jars. Plus, they were stored upstairs taking up valuable space. Now that was a good solution to that problem.

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