Sunday, January 22, 2012

What Does Simple Living Mean To You?

What does simple living mean to you? I have been reading a variety of websites and books that proclaim the "simple living" philosophy. The nuts and bolts of most of these books and sites is to get rid of everything you own, except only the things you need to live. So I am asking my readers here, is that what you think it is?

As for myself, I do not own a lot of things. Having moved more than a few things and going through divorce makes you lose things you had. So you end up with less. Then moving into a smaller house that did not have electricity at the time, made me get rid of things I used to have, and then had no use for.

Much of my things are of either necessity or sentimental value. What about you? My next question is how do you rid yourself of the sentimental items? Or do you? And do you have to? Some of mine, I have decided to keep and some, I will get rid of. The only reason I am getting rid of them is that is the only way I can be sure they are going to a home that wants them. If I sell them on eBay, then someone paid money for them so they must want and value them. Right? Not so, when they are inherited by family members who do not.

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