Monday, January 16, 2012

Why I Wrote My Own eBook

In front of my house in winter!

I wrote my eBook, My Homesteading Journey, back in 2007, and started selling it on my website. At that time, I was selling it for $14.99 and had pretty decent sales. Then they kind of slowed down and I lowered the price to $7.99. Most of the people who purchase it are people interested in being homesteaders. Not urban homesteaders, as that is a whole other ball game. People who may be planning on moving outside of the city they are in right now. Or people who have done that and are trying to figure out what to do first.


In the fall, I put it up for sale on eBay. Selling it in a CD disc format according to eBay rules. I sold a few there also. I never did as good with it until I put it in the Kindle store on Amazon. It sells good there and I have some good feedback. That makes me feel good, especially if the people who buy it are wanting to change their life and become self-reliant. I have been selling it for $0.99 now. So it is very affordable for people without a lot resources.

Growing Your Food Is A Must!

Selling it to other homesteaders was easy. Now on Amazon other people are buying it. People who worry about whether my sentences are structured according to the grammar rules. I don't need someone buying it to grade it. This is my life and the way I do things. That is all. Not a work of literature or a book that will be on the NY Times bestseller list. I wrote it for real people who are searching for a way of life that frees them from people like that.

Having a cup of coffee with me!

If our life changed from the way it is right now, to something much different. I'd be willing to bet a lot of people would be wishing they were living this way. I feel though, that some of those people are trying to put eBooks and especially self-published authors down. So they are posting bad reviews of authors on Amazon. My book is written exactly how my blog is written.....from my heart, like you are sitting at my table with me! Hope that is good enough.

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