Monday, March 12, 2012

Preparing Is Not A Bad Thing To Do!

Nikita checks out the paddock after a tornado hit us!

"Preppers" is now a word that makes others think of someone holding a gun to their head as they try to steal your food. I believe that word has become a tag due to the television show, "Doomsday Preppers."  I will say that I have never seen the show so I am not reviewing it here. For one thing, serious preparing for natural disasters is highly recommended. Do I believe God will take care of me? Yes, I do.God is the one that gave me the brains to prepare.

Over 300 trees came down on our property in less than 5 minutes!

Being a person who stores food for the future does not mean you are a bad Christian. It does not mean you are planning on killing people or have a mine field on your front yard. What it means is that if your husband was in an accident and you had no money coming in, there would be food to eat. If your spouse and you broke up, you would have food to eat and hold you over until you could figure out what to do. If you lost your job and had no money coming in, your family would not starve.If there was  a bad storm and you could not drive down your road for a period of time, you would have food to serve your family. If the trucking companies went on strike over gas prices or their job contracts or whatever, you would be able to eat.

Growing Your Own Food Is The First Step!

Now the other thing everyone talks about is the fact that a "prepper" is looking forward to the end of the world. Well, if that was so, why would they bother to prepare? Are you looking forward to having an accident because you have insurance? Of course not! If you are not growing a garden and preserving food and something did happen where you could not get food at a store would you be going to someone's house for food? Or would be you waiting for someone to come to your door with a bag of food? FEMA's site tells that it is your responsibility as a citizen to provide for yourself and your own family. They cannot get to everyone in times of natural disasters.

No Neighbors!

Now if someone came to your house today, trying to steal your vehicle or break in, would you hold them off with your loaded shotgun or other gun? Or would you just stand by and let them do what they want with  your property and possibly your family? No, you would assert ownership by protecting all with your gun. Just because a television show plays up this fact tying it with people who prepare for emergencies is no reason to look down on them.

In all actuality, the people in the cities will be one who will have hardest time in any situation where the stores are not an option. Or where they cannot access their water or utilities. Out in the country you can make things work. Most people in the country grow a garden, have a well, and may have stocked up their pantries due to being prepared in case of emergencies. In the case where something big happens, most people who prepare will be providing not only for themselves, but for a neighbor (if they have any), and possibly for their family members. Now if everyone would prepare for their own families, there wouldn't be such a disagreement over such a term. Nobody said you have to do it, but you should!

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