Thursday, May 10, 2012

Low Carb Foods Are Good

Eating a low carb diet is not that hard after you get the first three days under your belt. In the beginning you will probably eat more because you cannot eat snacks, sweets or those fillers like bread, potatoes and pasta. It doesn't matter though. "Eat until you are not hungry," is what Dr. Atkins always said. Now what diet ever told you to do that before? I remember those years of Weight Watchers, measuring out my low-fat foods. Starving after I finished a meal. Then going to my weekly meeting after sticking with it and starving all week to find I lost half a pound. I'd cry! My Weight Watcher leader would tell me I was a slow looser and did not have as much weight to lose as the bigger loosers. It was frustrating to me because I exercised a lot too.

It wasn't until I discovered Dr. Atkins' book, New Diet Revolution, that I found my answers. In 2009, I finally made peace with the losing weight riddle. Not only losing weight, but the health issues that made me miserable. Every time I have wandered off the low carb path, I KNOW, it is my fault and what I have done to deserve my misery. If I stick to it as my only way of eating, I will be fine.

Cheese is healthy!

What kind of food do I eat on a low carb plan? I know many people cannot imagine a life without bread. But that is exactly what I do. There are low carb breads you can purchase or make, but I find it easier to not eat it at all. I believe breads and related products are just fillers. My mother said my grandfather would push bread on everyone at their supper table, saying, "Come on, take more than one," as he pushed two or more slices on their plate. It filled everyone up at the table. Nobody left the table hungry. Probably all had a "carb bloat" after supper!

Bacon is not the bad food you think it is!

Some of my favorite foods are essential on the low carb eating plans. Foods like bacon, sausages, turkey, tuna, salmon, chicken, eggs, real butter, real cream, salad, full fat mayonnaise and salad dressings. I can make good tasty meals with them. No more snacking on worthless snacks. I can eat fresh vegetables and berries from my garden. If I am smart, I keep a bowl of tuna salad or some deviled eggs prepared in the fridge for those snack attacks. Pretty easy to stick to!

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