Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Learning And Trying New Things

Robin Redbreast keeping an eye on the strawberry plants!

Learning to be self-sufficient does not have to be hard. I know many people write to me saying that their spouse or children refuse to do it, otherwise they would do it. You can learn to be self-sufficient even without their help. Did you know that? Yes, it is a fact that if one person starts doing something and it becomes a habit or routine, then the other family members will follow along. In the same way that your parents did things raising you. Do you ever do things exactly as your parents did? That is because they taught you to do it that way!

Chives! Easy to grow!

If you are new to self-sufficiency getting started can be easy as planting a garden. Or planting some containers of vegetables. Or purchasing produce from your local farmer's market and learning to can it. Or freeze it. Whether you live in a city or suburban area and are not in a rural area makes no difference. Even if all you do is buy a book about gardening and start learning this year. Plan to have a garden next year for sure. If you can possibly start one now though, would be best.

Green bean seedlings much bigger than this now.

Take little steps, spending small amounts of money or finding useful tools at auctions and thrift stores. Taking the steps to be self-sufficient now, before you really need it. The reason to do this is not because civilization is going to crumble necessarily, but because it will provide you with peace of mind. In my opinion that is the best reason to do it!

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