Saturday, June 23, 2012

Memories Of My Grandma

Anna Leonard Neer

Today would have been my grandmother's 111th birthday! I think of her so often, that I have dreams about her. I can picture every nook in her old house. I remember all the good times we had there before my family moved to Florida in 1962. All my aunts and uncles and their families would be there on Sunday. Getting together there with all my cousins. It is a wonderful memory.

Grandma holding one her grandchildren!

Mickey, my brother got sick and ended up in the hospital with Polio, which was a big epidemic back then. So my mother spent the whole day at the hospital with him. My grandmother stayed at our house during that time, and took care of me. I was just a baby, and I think maybe I bonded with her then. Years later, she'd tell me how I would cry terribly if she took her glasses off. She thought it was funny when telling me the story. 

Grandma holding my mother!

She told me many stories about her childhood and growing up. I spent a lot of time with her up until we moved to Florida. I missed her so much. Her and I wrote letters back and forth but it wasn't the same. Now looking  back, I am so sad that I missed those precious years with my grandmother. I am thankful that I had the years with her that I did. She was a wonderful grandmother. Her and I celebrated our birthdays together. Her birthday being today and mine being tomorrow. I love you, Grandma! I will be with you again! 

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