Monday, July 02, 2012

An Organized House Is An Efficient Home

Our house looks big, but short on space!

I have been reading lately about a family that lives in a tiny house. I do not live in one myself........not technically. Our house is a two story farm house that was built in 1850. It is not as big as it looks. With an extra person staying with us for a few years now, we are squashed in here! Soon it will be just the two of us again. As sad as I am about it, our dog, Nikita, at 14 years of age, won't be sticking around for many more years either. We have decided not to get any new pets or critters of any sort.  And when our present ones die we will not be replacing them either. You wouldn't think one dog and three cats take up much space, but they do.

Batteries need their own room and to be in a box!

Another thing that will give us more room is finishing our room for the batteries. Putting them downstairs and out of the upstairs. That would free up a lot of space. No more cramped feelings! Before any of that happens, I have to live with what I have now. The first step is to get rid of any and everything that takes up space and is not being used. No matter what it is. Going through box after box of things and dropping them off at the thrift store or selling them on eBay. Two ways I have of disposing of the excess.

One of the hunters now!

I used to think I would not want a tiny house. When I stopped to think about it though, I realized that I was living already like I was in a tiny house. Some of my problems with my house have been the mice. That made it impossible to put anything on shelves like I dreamed of doing. My three cats are awesome hunters. They get some every day, but outside. In the house, the mice appear in places where the cats have no access to. Like inside the pantry, the door is kept closed from the kitchen because the idea is for it to be cooler than the rest of the house. 

Our heating stove

My two wood stoves take up a good part of the rooms they are in. The wood stove in our living room is on a large hearth and takes up almost 1/4 of the whole room. Our wood is usually stacked on the hearth also so it is not wasted space. I guess I can see why people take them out because they'd rather more room. I will not take it out, as I'd rather have heat, then room, any day! I am planning the rooms to be efficient so you can get what you want or do what you want quickly. Cooking and cleaning up  needs to be easier and quicker. Once you have your whole house organized, it should run efficiently. I see it getting easier as I work on it. An organized house is an efficient home!

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