Sunday, September 09, 2012

Can't Keep Every Stray Animal

Someone dropped this guy off at our homestead!

Recently we had a stray duck show up at our homestead. I would have loved to keep him, but had no safe place to keep him. He was so friendly and followed us around like he was one of us. I knew we could not keep him though. I asked one of my homesteading friends if she would take him and she agreed to. Now he is happy at her home and living with other ducks and even got to "know" one of the females yesterday!

Getting to know the new flock!

I wrote about him on my new blog in this post Taking Our Stray Duck To A New Home. It was a beautiful drive to my friend's homestead. I didn't mind it at all. It is important for you not to keep every stray animal or bird that is left off at your home. Unless you really want it! Every extra mouth to feed costs money. Every extra critter is more time devoted to each one. Some critters are messier than others. Birds, especially chickens and ducks, like to hang around at our door, and they certainly leave a mess. Our dog, Nikita, hates to walk in mud, let alone bird poo!

Sights along the way!

Anyway, I was fortunate to have a friend willing to take on another duck. I appreciate it very much!!!

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