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Guns Are Needed On A Homestead

A secluded homestead needs protection!

Guns are an important tool of the homestead. Listen to me before you say, "no guns for me!" A gun is not only for protection. What do you do when one of your animals needs to be put down" due to illness or injury? A gun is the fastest and most humane way to do that. What about a raccoon in your driveway, rabid in the daytime and ready to bite someone? A gun will take care of him in an instant. Or maybe you have some critter killing your chickens during the night and need to put a stop to it fast. A gun will put an end to that too! See, there are a large amount of other instances when a gun is needed.

My brother, Mickey

Gun control has become a big issue right now. On Facebook, some of the posts and comments are causing outright wars among friends. The thing is that there will always be people for them as well as the people against them. I am for guns myself, but I grew up with guns in our house. My brother was shooting guns at a very young age, even though he once shot out the television screen with his pellet gun!

Daddy was an outstanding hunter!

One particular friend of my husband's on Facebook argues for gun control based on the fact that he was almost killed by a gun which was most likely a Mafia type attack on him due to a business he ran. That is a completely different thing! Most of us will not be concerned with a Mafia hit upon us or our families. The other thing he often recites is having a local teenager break into your house and you shoot him or he steals your gun and shoots you. Well in my house, that would not happen. Nobody could break into my house right now, because we are always here. At night it would be pretty near impossible to sneak up on our house.

Snakes can be shot with a gun!

Just because you are armed and can defend yourself does not mean you take shooting another person lightly. Not at all! Most times the people who go on shooting rampages are not the gun owner. They have stolen the gun from someone or got it illegally and are feeling the power of it. Most children who are taught to use a gun, will know how to safely handle it and don't play with them.

My brother, Mickey

I find that the people against guns are usually the ones who have never handled one. They are people who only think of guns as a weapon to kill or steal from someone. My father was an avid hunter and he knew how to handle guns. I remember him working on making his own reloads in the evenings. My brother builds long rifles for himself and others. He uses black powder exclusively.

Carrying a gun, either for hunting or protection.

So for me, guns are no big deal. But gun control is a whole other issue! Read this article for a little more insight on what it is like not to have a gun when you need one: Jew Without A Gun. Excellent, excellent article!

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