Friday, March 15, 2013

Do Not Judge By Feedback Or Reviews On Amazon Or eBay

I saw a perfect example of how a buyer can affect a good product by not knowing the proper way to leave a review or a feedback on Amazon. This buyer purchased a product and when it arrived, one of the glass jars were broke. She blamed it on the seller. BUT she left a bad review of the product on Amazon! Instead of going to her account, and leaving feedback for the seller! Why do they do that? Drives me crazy, besides not being fair or right. Her review was pointless, especially since there could be thousands of sellers, selling that same product at any time on Amazon.  Though if I was her, I'd have contacted the seller first, and tell her what happened, before leaving bad feedback.

So many buyers leave bad feedback without giving a seller a chance to make it right. Not only on Amazon, but on eBay too. We had an incident lately involving poor customer service in the tire department of  Walmart. We were ready to stop shopping there. After contacting their Facebook page, their manager handled it to our satisfaction. Because we gave them a chance to make it right. How many people actually do that?

The trouble is that it is easy for a buyer to leave bad reviews or bad feedback with the click of a mouse. They don't have to confront the seller face to face. That is the way some people like it. Giving bad reviews and trying to hurt a seller or a product makes them have a good day. Often they have bought something they did not know how to use or understand.  I saw on the eBay Buyer Discussion board where some buyers were discussing how soon they could leave negative feedback. They were looking forward to it!

So my request is to please take leaving feedback or reviews seriously. It is your seller's way to make a living. They don't mean to send you a broken product anymore than you wanted to buy one. I am not saying that they never deserve bad feedback or a bad review, but please use extreme caution when dishing it out. Think of how you would like to be treated if you sent a product that was broken in transit.

When I shop on Amazon or eBay, I don't usually go by the feedback or reviews. Most of the time, I find they are not true. Or that the person writing it, was a new buyer, or did not know what they were buying and what it was used for. Most of the bad feedback on eBay comes from new buyers. Take that into consideration when you are making a purchase.

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