Monday, March 18, 2013

Feeling Lucky With Sales & The Lottery

Georgie Girl & Nikita sharing a drink!

I have not been writing as regular as I should on this blog. My husband and I started listing our products into a new ProStore on Amazon. Our sales on our two websites have not been very good in recent months. I had really given up on them. My husband though, did not want to give up. He kept trying, but still, there was not enough sales to count on. Since I had been selling my eBooks in the kindle shop on Amazon, I thought that maybe we would do better if we had all our strings in their catalog. So, why not open a ProStore there for our guitar strings? What would it hurt?

Well, it didn't hurt anything! Our inventory is selling out. I need to put together a new order to get the strings that are selling. We have had more sales in the last thirty days then we have ever had on our own two sites. Man, I love Amazon! I no sooner list a set of strings, then Amazon is sending me a notification of sale in my inbox.

Today, is a month ago that our little girl, Nikita passed away. I keep wondering if a dog does have the power to help you after they die? Maybe God sent them here to us to teach us something. To teach us how to be happy, generous and loving. No matter what we said or did, she loved us with all her heart. She was a really good girl and the worst thing she ever did was to scarf up the cat food in the kitchen at night, after I went to bed.

The reason I mention that is that for some reason, our luck is changing here. In fact, it has become so good that I sold my parents home to a man who didn't even try to get me to lower my price or talk me into owner financing it. Mainly because he has the money! The other reason I think our luck has changed is that my husband won the MegaMillions last week! Well, he didn't win the big jackpot........that is for next time, he won $150. and that has NEVER happened before!

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