Monday, March 04, 2013

My Wood Cookstove

Cooking & Heating With Our Cookstove

My wood cook stove was bought in an antique shop in 1997. We put it on layaway and paid on it every week until we paid it off and could bring it home. Home at that time was a house we rented that was on a big farm that was not farmed any longer and hadn't been for a long time. Our house was a little ranch house that the original owners had built for their hired help. We could have wood stoves there and that is where I learned how to use them. First we had a wood heating stove and I liked that fine. But my heart was set on a wood cook stove once I saw one.

Fire in the wood cook stove!

 You may not realize how many people really love wood cook stoves, or how many people actually OWN one and cook on it! Not just homesteaders either! Not only for the independence they give as far as cooking and heating if you have a power outage, but during the winter a wood cook stove can help cut your electric and fuel bill down. I love cooking on mine because you can have many pans of food cooking at the same time. Just moving them around, toward or on the fire and away from the fire. During the day, you can set a pot of something on the back burner and let it simmer all day. Of course, everyone walks around hungry all day, just smelling whatever is cooking.

Straight Pipe makes it easy to clean

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