Monday, March 11, 2013

Time Passes At Peaceful Forest Homestead

Our backyard!

Today, was three weeks ago that my little girl, Nikita passed away. It is also seven months ago today, that my father passed away. Both are missed and thought of every day. My father of course, did not live with me. When he was in the hospital dying, I did not have the time to properly grieve for him. I was the one making all the decisions for him and trying to do the right thing by him. My niece was causing me so many problems, as was her boyfriend too. So I spent my energy on senseless problems. Instead of what mattered.

The horses playing in the snow!

Animals basically live their life only focused on today. Not what might happen tomorrow, next week, next month or next year. Maybe they are living for the moment or maybe not? We see the birds planning ahead when they first arrive back to our home in the spring. They are expected any day. They will rest those first few days back. Often we spot the first robins resting in the tree tops around our homestead. Singing their familiar song, which is what usually alerts us to the fact that they are back home. Soon they are onto family planning and building nests.

Hobo hanging out last summer in a planter!

Our cats here live the way they want. They come and go all day long. In and out, in and out. Push me toward their food dish, even if it isn't empty, which it never is. Get on a lap if possible. Sleep all day. Go outside if they feel like it. If it is cold, they might go out to go potty and then come back in. Or they can use the indoor litter box if they so choose, which Callie does. Their whole world is right here. They are not wanderers and stay close here. They are all older cats now, Callie and Patches are both 13 this year. Hobo is younger, but I am not sure exactly what her age is.

My husband on Dark Shadow, in 2003. Nikita was never far behind!

Just like a garden, our life passes by too. It is important to pay attention to each and every member of your family. Including your precious pets. Their lives are so short. Take lots of pictures and tell everyone what you want them to know. I have no regrets there. Nikita spent almost every hour of her day with me. I talked to her all the time. She understood me perfectly. My husband was "her" person. She loved him so much and showed him constantly, just how much. He, and my son, both. gave her a lot of attention. Maybe she was an "old lady" in dog years, but she was dearly loved and knew it. Now life goes on..........

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All Photographs Copyright © 2013  Kathleen G. Lupole

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