Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Cool Spring In New York

Patches checking out the lilies!

I finally did get my seeds started. I only started about half of them. Without a greenhouse or proper place to put them, it makes our already crowded house, hard to get around in. Now I have to worry about them not making it, as our house gets pretty cold during the night. We bank our wood stove back for the night just before we go to bed, and about four or five in the morning, it is really cold. Where is our spring?

Day lilies are a sign that spring is really here!

The grass is turning green and the lilies along the road are popping out. But it is COLD! Not fair! The robins and other birds have been back for a month at least, and looking for some warm weather to build their nests in. Yesterday it seemed to warm up a bit, but today I am freezing. I think we may have to start our big wood stove. We still have wood stacked and ready to burn. Not that warm yet that we'd not be ready. This morning though, we even had a little bit of thunder.

Enjoying the sun!

Our horses though, seen to love spring the best. It is cool enough that the bugs have not arrived yet. They can be outside all day with no pests. As soon as it warms up and the bugs are back, they will hole up in the barn all day, and only come out to grab a bite of hay. At night  is when they spend their time outside. They really are house horses!

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