Thursday, July 12, 2007

Larry Lupole Performing Tonight in Warren Center PA

Every day I guess, I am going to have to struggle to get into this blog to post! This does not make me happy, to spend a hour trying to use my passwords and user names (that I have written down in my little notebook right next to my computer where I keep all the many I have accumulated!!!!). I really liked this blog, but the one I have on Yahoo is way easier to use and get into. That might make me stop using this one. I hope it does not come to that.

Tonight my talented husband, Larry Lupole is playing in Warren Center, PA. I am so excited about this! He is an accompolished musician with a music cd out. He is looking forward to this tonight.

Looks like another beautiful summer day here in New York. After the rain we had for the last two days, my plants are loving it. They like both, the rain and the sun and need both to provide us with plenty of food for the winter.

We are thinking of designing one of our raised beds with a hoop house over it so we can use it to grow our fresh greens and salad vegetables for the winter. Even our root vegetables can be left in there until we need them. I think this will have some possibilities for us.

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