Wednesday, December 26, 2018

My DIY Disabled Kitchen Design

The high cupboards in my kitchen I cannot reach easily.

Even though I live in a senior housing apartment building and my apartment is handicapped accessible, my cupboards in the kitchen are too high for me. For anything in the upper cupboards above the bottom shelf, I have to stand on a stool or chair to get anything out or put away. Since that is not too smart for me to do anymore because I live alone, I decided to organize the items I use the most and put them in an easy reaching location for me. As much as I love the minimalist look of having cleared counters, I cannot do that here. I have been watching tons of YouTube videos on organizing kitchens and getting a lot of ideas. Nothing worked completely for me. I had to come up with my own design.

This cupboard is the only one wide enough for dinner plates, but way too high for me!

Cupboards that are high are not only difficult for someone in a wheelchair or someone short (like me!), but if you have difficulty reaching up above your head. For me that is very painful and one reach can affect me for the whole day. As you can see in the photo, I have kind of a mess in that particular cupboard because it is hard to put stuff away above my head. Most of those items I don't use that often. So if I need it, I can wait for someone to help me (my son or boyfriend) when they are here. 

Bowls in this basket

I love baskets and decided some on the counter would work for other items. I put my small bowls, like my bowls from Corning or Pyrex custard cups in this basket because I use them often. Here they are easy to get or put away. Even though on the corner rack, I have some bigger bowls, these are the ones I use most often. I think the baskets keep it looking neater and more organized. It is easier for me to do this since I live alone, but even if you are living with a spouse, this is still doable. Having a large family would make it harder due to not having enough room. But then, you would not be living in a studio apartment as I am!

My hand mixer and immersion blender are kept here.

This basket is a bigger and sturdier basket than the other one. Both of them, all of my baskets, in fact, came from the local thrift store. In this one I keep my electric hand mixer and the immersion hand blender. So much easier to have it right there when I can get it out without much fuss. I realized after watching a few YouTube videos on organizing a kitchen, that if some items are not in plain view, you might not use them as much. It is due to forgetting you even have them or thinking I can get by without using it since it is so much trouble to get out. Now I use the electric mixer more and it has the beaters right here with it. No searching for it in a drawer or cupboard. Which I did all the time!

Kitchen Corner Shelf Organizer

I tried using  baskets for the plates on the counter, but they rubbed against each other and I was afraid of breaking and chipping them trying to get one out. I wasn't sure what to do with them. I hate having them stacked up. I decided to see what Amazon might have in the kitchen organizing category. Amazon did not let me down! They had the perfect answer. This organizer is actually made to be in the cupboard, but it works this way too. Makes it so easy to grab a plate real quick and no more trying to reach up into a cupboard for it. This one is also made to stand on its side and the plates would be standing on their edges. I like it better this way for my counter. This little rack is my favorite thing! I love it!

As you can see in this photo, there is plenty of room on my counter for food preparation. I am always figuring how to make it easier and having less work is one of my top priorities. 

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