Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Planning Or Scheduling Daily Life

I was wondering the past few days, if other people when retired, disabled or at home for some reason, do they follow a daily routine? A structured plan for their day? Things they have to do every day on a schedule like you do at a job? I have always kept a journal and maybe don't write in it every single day, but try to write at least something every week in it. I am also a list maker. Lists surround me! I might not do every single thing on my list. But I have an idea of things I need to do. It is rare that I can check off more than 2 or 3 items on the list. One of the perks of living alone (well, except for Rabbit, but he has his own list) is that if I don't do one single chore all day, nobody is going to care. Rabbit doesn't care as long as I remember to feed him....but of course, that is not on my list!

Birds follow their own schedule!

Some people might think if you don't follow a structured plan for every day, that means that day was a wasted one. Are they? Living close to a world of wild life for almost 20 years made me see close up the structured plan the critters have. Yes, especially the birds! In spring, they are very busy. Building nests and filling their bellies with all the nutrition they need for their upcoming family life. From the first note sung at 5:00 AM to the last one at dusk, they are busy following their plan. Sometimes they fight with each other, but they still get their work done.

My computer

For me personally, not having each day planned out is what I like to do. No need to live like you are in basic training. I understand if you live with others or a family you might need to do that. At this time in my life though, I do not have to. I can do what I want, when I want. I still manage to keep my apartment clean, my laundry washed, my meals cooked and Rabbit cared for. I am not one to watch television all day. Now I'd say my vice is the computer, where I like to spend the majority of my time. I am alone a lot, even though I live in an apartment building full of people. It does not bother me or depress me being alone. I always have things to do. My son is the same way. He has turned into an introvert also.


I keep a constant running list. Keep adding to it as I need to. It is a great feeling when I can cross one or more off. The most important thing for me is to not be rushed to finish something. Some people need to do something or have a schedule to do certain things. If you are one of those people, then make your schedule so it is automatic. Do things at a certain time every day. Soon it will be a habit. What is so nice about my life is that I have made it my own. My own schedules, my own routines.........yes, it is all about me and Rabbit. I believe it is about time after a whole life of putting others first.

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