Thursday, January 05, 2006

My Horse, Georgie Girl

Good Morning! Today it's snowing, but not real cold. Our pitcher pump is not even frozen. That's always a good sign. But it is only January and we have a few months of this white stuff and the cold to get through. Snow is pretty. Can't say it's not. But living in the country, snow is different for us. People who live in the cities aren't really that much concerned with the weather. If it snows, the city plows their streets. Some of them have snowblowers and use them to clean out their driveways and sidewalks. Usually, their driveways and paths are pretty short. Out here in the country, paths are long and usually you have a few to clean out. Driveways can be long, our's isn't very. We have to shovel out to the barn, to the pitcher pump, to the generator, to the compost pile, to the wood pile and to the manure pile. Quite a lot of shoveling, but snowblowers is more like a "yuppie" tool. We do it by hand. The way the original homesteaders did it, I guess.

Our horses love the snow! They run, roll and jump in it. They rear up and play with each other. My two Thoroughbreds, Georgie Girl and Dark Shadow, are very spirited, They are half sisters, both having the same father. Both are very devoted to each other. Georgie is the boss mare and very much in control. I don't remember if I told this or not on here before, but she was a race horse and raced at The Fingerlakes Track. They said she was the perfect race horse. But there was one thing they forgot to check - whether she wanted to be a race horse or not. She didn't. 

What I know about this horse of mine is, that if she don't want to do something - she won't. She'd rather die than give. So she showed them that she was the fastest on all the breezes. But come race day, she went over twice in the starting gate! Then if she actually got on the track, she'd go real slow - 50 horse lengths behind the others! So the track banned her. Bill, the guy who owned her, got behind her and tried to push her into the horse trailer, she kicked him with both back feet. He thought she killed him, he was knocked out on the floor of the trailer! Well.... that's my horse! What can I say? Except that she is the most beautiful horse I have ever seen! And extremely smart! Her and I have a very good relationship and I do think she loves me.

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