Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Unwelcome Visitor At Peaceful Forest Homestead

Another one of those rainy, gloomy days here in upstate New York. It just reminds us that winter in on the way. My house is in need of more insulation and winterizing. So many things, but never enough money to cover it all. I guess now I can understand why my own grandmother, who did not have much money at all, had newspapers stuffed in her windows! When I was a child that was something I always wondered about.

Today, a hunting dog has wandered onto our Peaceful Forest Homestead. It would not be so bad, except that he is a boy, and all they want to do is to pee all over our outside things! We have a well with a pitcher pump, and male dogs always want to christian it. Makes my husband very very angry!!!!! All our animals are female, as I have mentioned on here many times. So they just look at these males as if they came from outer space! Our dog, Nikita, was spade when a puppy, and has no interest in that kind of stuff. She never has been a wanderer, or a barker, and I suppose it makes me hard on other dogs who do all that. So now we have to wait all day for these people to respond to the message left on their answering machine.

Our horses for the most part like dogs. As long as they are not barkers, or the kind that want to chase them. Or, we have had some come here who want to bite their noses! Those are the dogs with a death wish!!! Our horses are very spirited mares. They are friendly, but don't mistake that for being passive. My stepson had a dog that used to bark at them when we were out feeding them. Our girls did not appreciate that fact. Dark Shadow, my husband's horse, would leave her feed dish and come to the fence, and seemed to say, "Come on Jake, come in here with us! We'll take care of your barking problem!" And she meant it!!!!!

Of course, animals have ways of dealing with problems much easier than people seem to. Course, this little hunting dog is just out looking for a girlfriend. But he is at the WRONG HOUSE! And today is not a day that I want to deal with it. I also have three cats, and they don't appreciate uninvited dogs coming over for the day. Callie, one of my cats, is very friendly to dogs. She'll even lick their faces! But she will also put a claw in them if she doesn't want them around. I have seen her many times chase a big stray dog down the road!