Monday, October 21, 2013

Flowers In The Homestead Garden

I am winding this blog down a bit, though I probably will continue it, unless Blogger shuts it down for some unknown reason. My main blog is Homesteading On The Internet, same name, better blog. I liked the name and wanted to keep it, but found it wasn't that simple to transfer what I wrote here to the new one. So I have been trying to post on both, but different articles. I will still spend time writing quality posts for my readers here. So if you want to stay on this site, I appreciate it.

I don't usually plant flowers in my garden. This year I did. Not many, just a few. Some marigolds, because I read how good they are for your garden, as well as pretty. Supposedly, they keep rabbits out too. And they keep away the aphids. They are edible too. I planted these marigolds earlier in the summer and they never bloomed until fall. I don't know why or if they were supposed to do that. But they sure are pretty!

I guess the main thing is that they bloomed when the garden was about done. So I had some color in the garden when usually it would have been empty. Now we are putting the beds down for the winter that will be here before long. It is usually here long before this. Last night was the first night for starting our big heating stove yet, we have not had a hard frost yet. Hard to believe!

Update 2019: My blog, Homesteading on the Internet does not exist anymore. That blog has been removed as has, Solar Baby. I only write this one presently.

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