Friday, July 28, 2006

Nutmeg Lupole May 12, 1989 - July 27, 2006

Yesterday morning was the saddest morning of my life. My little girl, Nutmeg passed away. She died peacefully at home, with her family present. She turned 17 years old on May 12, 2006. Nutmeg was born on a goat farm in Castle Creek, New York in 1989. She quickly became a very important member of my family. At the time, she came to live with me, I already had one other Siamese cat, Popcorn, who was 14 years old.

I can't begin to explain the pain I am feeling today, missing my little girl. She was a very special cat and I will never forget her. I have three other cats, but Nutmeg was my constant companion, even sleeping with me at night or sitting on my lap while I am working on my computer. Our house seems very empty this morning without her presence here. The other cats are outside during the day, but she was always inside. It was her choice.

My husband built her a box out of some barn wood, and I wrapped her in one of my flannel shirts. We buried her near my stone garden beds, so I could see her grave from my kitchen window. She always liked to be in the kitchen with me when I was working in there. So this way, when I do my dishes, I can look out on her grave. I will be planting catnip near it next year and maybe some pretty flowers. My husband will go down to the creek and find a special stone for her.

I just want to say, "Nutmeg, it was a great 17 years! I will never forget you or stop thinking about you. You were never "just a cat" to your family. We will love you forever."

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Closed My Ebay Store Just In Time!!!!!

I was right! A few days ago, I closed my eBay store, Lupole's Peaceful Forest. It made me a little sad, but I felt it was the right move. eBay is struggling to stay on top, and in the process they are stepping on us little people (sellers). What they may have forgotton is, who do they think is on ebay all day long working on their little stores? The store sellers, that's who. Who do they think are their buyers? The same sellers of course! But they forgot that. My days of buying on eBay has been over for awhile now. I like to buy books on Amazon, as the shipping costs are so much less. I belong to the Paperback Swap at and I get my books for free there.  You will get 3 free credits as soon as you list 9 books, which you can use immediately!

The best thing to do if you are looking for a home business is to find a product that is easy to package and store. So your inventory won't take up much room. You can store it in your house and print your labels from your computer, package it up and put it in your mailbox. It is best to concentrate on one product in the beginning and then branch out from there as you have some success with the first one. You can add related products that go with the first one. One other thing to do is to find a product that is needed repeatedly by a consumer group. Something that goes with a bigger product or that is needed more than one time. Like people who sell vitamins know that if you like them and need them you will purchase them over and over.

Be sure to purchase all your packaging supplies in bulk. That is the best way to get them for the least amount of money. I have bought mine for a few years now from big packaging sellers on eBay. Only thing is the seller will be a big powerseller then all of a sudden..............they are gone. What happens to them? And why? Seems as if they were selling huge supplies to the other sellers on eBay as well as others. That has happened to my suppliers three times now! I cannot understand it.

Hopefully, I will do okay on my own on my site. Just need to put all my efforts in it and it should take off. I will try to get back tomorrow to post here but will be busy working on developing my business. Have a great day!