Monday, July 23, 2007

Ex-Husband Jealous Of My New Book!!!!!! Ha!

Well, my book has caused some bad feelings in my family. Not exactly, my family.....but my ex-husband wanted my son to bring his copy over so he could read it. Course, he was too cheap to buy a copy! To tell the truth, I did not want to write anything about my previous life anyway. But my many homesteading friends wanted me to tell that part as it would help someone who was living that "cushy" life who wanted to be set free. So I did. But to me, it was an unimportant area of my life.

My book covers my complete solar system, All my components. How it is set up. How we have lived for over 8 years with no electric bill. How to watch the meter to be careful of the loads you put on the small system we have. Another area of my book was cooking on wood cook stove. How to buy a used one and what to check on it before purchasing one. How to start the fire in it, how to keep it going, how to cook on one, how to clean it. Nothing that would have been of interest to my ex-husband and his wife who live a life that is the exact opposite of me!

Like cooking on a wood heating stove. How I heat my water on it for washing dishes or taking baths. Or how to cut the firewood we need to keep our stoves running through out the year. I also gave tips on how to cut down on your electric bill. But I don't think they would have paid much attention to that either. They are not the frugal couple! So if I decide to write a story of my life, he will be in big trouble as then I will really tell all those gory details. But for now, my life is about homesteading, being self-sufficient & growing my own food. I made no mistakes in those areas of my book.

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Friday, July 13, 2007

Larry Lupole Was Awesome in Warren Center, PA

I am so proud! My husband, Larry Lupole played in Warren Center, Pennsylvania last night in a open air concert. It was wonderful. He sang three songs from his music cd, "Classic Fantasy". First he performed "You're A Woman Now", which he dedicated to his beautiful daughter, Hollie Sunshine. Next, he played "I Sit Up Here", which is a song about the musician's life of performing on the road. Then he sang a Eric Clapton favorite, "Wonderful Tonight."

We brought cds to sell and it was a good thing! People wanted them, especially after hearing him sing some of the very songs on it. I have a feeling we will be going back. So if anyone reading this would like one of his music cds, go to my site to purchase one. Plus, if you let me know you want it autographed by Larry Lupole himself, just let me know. He will do that for you. But if he does, your cd will not come sealed in it's wrapper. Just tell me the name you want on it.
You might think from the picture above that Larry sings country music. No, it is Classic Rock. His biggest influences were The Beatles. His sound is very unique. His own style. I think you would really enjoy it.

Today is another beautiful day here in upstate New York. It has to be the best year for gardening. Our plants look the best they have ever looked in our garden. And we keep adding more beds and plants. This week I added the oregano, mint, chives and lemon balm and they are doing very good this morning.

We are also changing our diet to a more plant based. Meat will take a lesser role in our food supply. I think it bogs our systems down. So a good cut of meat once or twice a week and liver once a week should be good for us. We also like cheese and I have recently started making some of our cheeses. I like doing that and plan on making more. So lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and multigrain breads and cereals and beans, lentils and eggs and we should improve our health.

For every health concern I research, they all come down to same things. Nutrition is always first. No smoking, moderate alcohol ( I do not do either), exercise regularly, careful in sunlight by wearing sunglasses and sunscreens, and drink lots of water and fluids. Sounds pretty easy, right? The hard part is making them your regular habits.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Larry Lupole Performing Tonight in Warren Center PA

Every day I guess, I am going to have to struggle to get into this blog to post! This does not make me happy, to spend a hour trying to use my passwords and user names (that I have written down in my little notebook right next to my computer where I keep all the many I have accumulated!!!!). I really liked this blog, but the one I have on Yahoo is way easier to use and get into. That might make me stop using this one. I hope it does not come to that.

Tonight my talented husband, Larry Lupole is playing in Warren Center, PA. I am so excited about this! He is an accompolished musician with a music cd out. He is looking forward to this tonight.

Looks like another beautiful summer day here in New York. After the rain we had for the last two days, my plants are loving it. They like both, the rain and the sun and need both to provide us with plenty of food for the winter.

We are thinking of designing one of our raised beds with a hoop house over it so we can use it to grow our fresh greens and salad vegetables for the winter. Even our root vegetables can be left in there until we need them. I think this will have some possibilities for us.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My Day Lilies Are In Bloom!!!!!

My day lilies are blooming now! And my road looks the most beautiful now than at any other time of the year. I truly feel blessed by living in a such a beautiful place. It is just like the Garden Of Eden is described in The Bible.

I got locked out of my account here and have been trying for months to get back on here to post on my blog., I was able to reset my password and get back on. Whew! I love this blog the best of all the ones I have.

Summer is looking good this year in New York state! My garden is looking the best it ever did. Course, I owe that to my wonderful husband, Larry. This year he started helping me and when he does something, he really does a good job. From the way it looks right now, I will be doing alot of canning this year. Putting our food away for the winter.

He built me more raised beds and I tell you, that is the best way to grow a garden. No plowing or rototilling for us. Larry does not like to use anything with gas power on our garden, though he does use a weedwacker around it. Of course, he uses a chainsaw for cutting our firewood, but we don't eat that! Though I do worry about him breathing the fumes when he's working on it.

I had a old milk sink that is used in a barn for processing milk. I put it out in the yard and Larry filled it with composted dirt and now I plan on planting basil in it. Yesterday, a lady I met on FreeCycle gave me some chives, mint, lemon balm and oregano cuttings to plant in one of my stone beds. They survived the transplanting and looked great today. Of course we had some rain too so that helped.

We have had a drier than normal May and June for our area. Usually I am lucky if I get my plants in the ground by the fourth of July. But I did get them in before Memorial Day this year. Lots of tomatoes already! And I will have lots of green beans pretty soon. Potatoes too will do real good I am sure.

Take care and check back with me soon. Take a look at My Homesteading Journey available for sale on my website at My Homesteading Journey. It is the story of my life, and I think you "wannabe" homesteaders just might like it!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

My Homesteading Journey by katlupe

I have such good news for everyone! Everyone has been after me for so long to write a book about my homesteading life that I have finally done it. And finished it! It is listed on my own website at this time for sale. I will be listing it on some other sites also. But it will ONLY be listed and sold by me. It is not a book for resale, personal use only.

I have put my heart and soul in this book. It explains how my husband and I came from living in the busy city of St. Petersburg, Florida working at Home Shopping Network to living out in the middle of the state forest in upstate New York. How we bought a hunting camp and turned it into our own paradise - our little homestead, Peaceful Forest.

Once I started working on it, I found I had so much to say. Homesteading is my life. It is what defines me and makes me complete. So many people do not understand why anyone would want to live this way. They do not understand the feeling you get when you look at a pantry full of food that you have grown and canned, yourself. What a feeling it is!

Yet, my homesteading lifestyle is not old fashioned in any sense of the word. I live more high tech than most people as I explain in my book. I earn my living on my laptop computer, which is powered by my small affordable solar system, that anyone could set up.

Our road in July.
I try to show you, that if you just try, you can achieve this lifestyle too. Even if you live in a city or anywhere in between. Not everyone will want to live in the middle of the state forest! I am certainly glad of that fact!!!! In other countries, they live simpler, than us Americans. We are very wasteful and living the homesteading lifestyle is the way to overcome this bad habit.

So if you think you want to homestead, or are just thinking of doing it, please grab a copy of my book, My Homesteading Journey. It is an eBook, so as soon as you purchase it, you will be able to download it, and read it immediately. No waiting for it to come in the mail! Wonderful thing about living in this high tech age!!!!

Remember it is a eBook which means that it is NOT available in paper form. It sells on my site for $14.99 and there are no shipping charges, of course. It will come in an zipped file and you will need to unzip it. Then it is a PDF file that you will need Adobe to read it on your computer.

I am in the process of updating this book and you will be able to purchase it right here on this page as soon as I am finished. I have taken out all the photos as they make it slower to download, especially for dial-up buyers. Most of my photos are all available anyway on this blog so you have probably already seen them all anyway. You can still purchase it on my site. But after it is updated it will be available here and paid through PayPal.

Thank you for being a visitor or regular reader of my blog. I appreciate every single person who passes through my site, and hope I can assist you in some way of becoming more self-sufficient or better prepared in this world we live in. Blessings and my prayers to all of you!

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