Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cat Collection - Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Case Protects My Kindle Fire!

My Kindle Fire

After having my new Kindle Fire for a month, I can still say, that I love it and have not found one problem with it. It works like an absolute charm. I have always read a lot, but I am reading twice as much now. Finding books in Amazon's kindle store daily. Every morning, I charge the battery, usually when the generator is running. Mainly, I use it for reading. You can play music or videos on it as well as go onto the internet with it. You can also send documents to your kindle as they give you a special email address for it. I have not watched a video or sent myself a document yet.

Timbuk2 Kindle and Kindle Touch ENVELOPE SLEEVE

My husband ordered the sleeve that protects it when he bought the kindle fire. So I have kept it stored in there whenever I am not using it. I am very careful with it and this makes it easy to take good care of it. My review of the sleeve is now on Amazon, which I wrote this morning. I could not believe that someone said it does not fit the Kindle Fire. It fits perfectly! I am thinking of adding my customer images to prove it.

My Kindle Fire fits right inside the sleeve!

I have been reading a lot of free books available in the Kindle Store on Amazon. Amazon urged the authors to put their books up for free for a short period and that would get their books out there and getting read. I don't know if that type of promotion works or not for the authors. I did not choose to do it with my books since I already am offering them for .99. Seems to be low enough already. But I did snap up some good books to read where the authors took advantage of that.

It fits right inside with a little room left over!

One more accessory I need for it, will be JBuds J5 Earbud-style Metal Headphones for Kindle Fire. Then I could listen to music by not disturbing my husband when he is watching videos or asleep. There is quite a bit of very good music for free on Amazon also. So I now have two new albums. One is Native American flutes, which I love. The other other is gospel hymns and that is outstanding. I cannot believe all the free content available on Amazon for the Kindle Fire! Keeps me reading...........

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Monday, December 26, 2011

A Very Special Christmas

Michael Dran and Robert Lupole, Christmas Day!

Christmas was the best I have had in a long time! Spending the day with my awesome father at my father-in-law's house was so wonderful. I will stash that memory away forever! The holidays have not been very good for either of our fathers, since they lost their lifetime partners, their wives and our mothers. But I think they quite enjoyed the day yesterday. Especially when my FIL, asked my father, "How are you, old man?" Snickering, since my father at 92, is six months older than himself!

BIL, Ken Lupole keeping an eye on the chili!

 My FIL is well known for making his secret family recipe for chili, which he used to make every Christmas. In fact, this year is the first year he actually took part in planning the day, since my MIL had died. Ken, my BIL decorated the house a bit, and had the table set when we all arrived. My husband had made two Bread Puddings, one to leave at home for my son, and one to take with us. He used to make it for his mother, because she thought his was always better than the ones she made. It turned out very good, and everyone was remembering his grandmother, who used to make it years ago.

We have enjoyed many family dinners here!

We arrived first, after picking up my father and stepson, Jeffrey. Yes, our sons have the same name. My son stayed home to keep an eye on the homestead, our critters, and keeping the wood stoves going. Soon my sister-in-law, Pat, and her husband, Tim, came in with their arms full of packages and food. They were surprised to see we had brought guests! The more the merrier!

My stepson, Jeffrey Lupole

We hadn't seen too much of my stepson, Jeffrey, as he was working out of town the last couple of years. My husband's day was complete by having him join us. I noticed he was smiling all day! So it was a simple celebration, but a very meaningful one for all of us. Catching up on each other's news and spending a day together, as we remembered our family members who are no longer with us.......our mothers, Hazel Dran, Lucille Lupole, brother, Jack Lupole, daughter, Hollie Sunshine Lupole Fletcher. What a day we had!

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Christmas Spirit Is Back

Christmas 1988 - My son, Jeffrey

Christmas is not usually my favorite time of the year. When my son was growing up, I went all out for it. I decorated our house lavishly. We had two Christmas trees, even though I did not decorate the outside with lights like many people do. One tree was white with silver and blue ornaments and lights. That tree was in my big bay window in my upstairs living room. I loved that tree!

Merry Christmas Readers!

My Christmas spirit had vanished. It is rough out here in the cold winter. Usually we have at least a foot of snow by now. Instead we have rain and mud this year. Some years, we did not go anywhere due to the amount of snow we got. Or someone in our family was sick, or had a cold, so Christmas was canceled. It is different when everyone is grown up and there are no children. You can always have it on another day.

Our Pine Tree!

Every year my father has been having Christmas with my niece and her family. So I don't spend the holiday with my father anymore. He does not like to drive on my road to come, especially in the winter. It is a bad dirt road in a secluded area, so I understand. Since my mother had passed away in 2002, my family had changed.

Daddy and me!

For years, I am the one who did Christmas for my whole family. But when I married my husband, his mother would get upset about us not coming to her house.So we went there, since it was so important to her. My parents did not make a big deal of it.

The Way To FIL's House!

Now both mothers are gone, My FIL and BIL live together in a city not far from us. They invited us to come to their house for Christmas this year. A small dinner, his Dad's Famous Chili, if he can remember how to make it! I had just spoke to my father on the phone and he sounded like he didn't want to go to my niece's house for Christmas. So I thought I'd invite him to go with us to my FIL's house. My sister-in-law and her husband will be there too. A small gathering with our fathers, who at 91, FIL and 92, my father, could very well be our last. Though I have told my father to make a new goal of living to be one hundred!

Jeff and my father in the summer time!

So now I have something to look forward to! As long as no one gets sick or anything, we will be headed to spend our day with both of our fathers. We aren't telling my husband's family that we are bringing my father. It is our surprise. They have been complaining because no one comes to visit them anymore. And they really like my father. I can't wait to get there and see our fathers having a nice Christmas day with us.

Merry Christmas to all my readers here. I am not sure I will have the chance to write another post before then. I love you all, and hope you have a wonderful day with your family, friends and critters!

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Garden Produce In Flooded Areas

Flooded area nearby in Oxford!

With all the flooding around the country in recent years, many people lost the gardens they worked so hard on. What happened after the flood waters went down? What if their gardens survived the flood water? But was the produce still safe to eat? Why or Why not?

Vegetables and fruits should not be eaten if flooded!

Many conditions after a flood of the area can affect the safety of the food growing in your garden. Flood waters can contain contaminants such as agricultural or other chemicals, as well as disease-causing organisms that come from the run off of agriculture land or septic systems. Many homes that were flooded could contain chemicals in their garages, basements, fuel tanks, etc. or businesses that use chemicals. All that gets into the flood waters.

Lettuce should be destroyed if flooded if contaminates are in the water!

After a flood, green leafy vegetables that are eaten fresh such as lettuce and cabbage are a high risk of contamination for 90 days. So they should be destroyed and not eaten. Greens that are cooked, such as kale, beet greens, etc., should be cut back and allow it to regrow before being eaten. They should be cooked thoroughly before eating. Now I know we don't like losing our produce in our gardens, but I wouldn't be risking my family's life by harvesting this food.

Raging waters can cause such destruction!

Well known food borne illnesses arise from garden produce that has been contaminated with floodwaters containing pathogenic bacteria, parasites, and viruses. Typical  pathogens involved in these particular situations include E. coli 0157:H7, Cryptosporidium parvum, Cyclospora, Giardia, Campylobacter, and Hepatitis A. Every single one of these diseases make people gravely sick and in some instances have long-term complications or may cause death.

Strawberry blossoms and fruit should be taken off!

Plants with blossoms or fruit, such as strawberries or tomatoes should be discarded. The stilt and contaminates become imbedded in leaves, petioles, stems, or other natural openings of fleshy structures. It is not possible to clean them, especially as most of them have a lot of ridges and crevices that would possibly contain contaminated silt and/or bacteria.

Root crops such as potatoes should be peeled and cooked!

Root crops would have to be peeled, including crops that were still underground. Such as potatoes, beets, carrots, etc. and cooked thoroughly before eating. Remember it is your family's health that is at risk! It depends on the level of contamination from the flood water on your garden. The pathogens eventually die out, but can remain present in your ground for several months. If you were flooded from a feedlot or septic overflow you shouldn't even consider using any produce for at least 90 days. Better to safe than sorry. You can have it tested if you are still uneasy about it. I would want to be sure myself.

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*All facts here were researched at the Dept. Of Horticulture, Cornell University

Saturday, December 17, 2011

More Than Gingerbread - German Recipes!

From Lucky Charm To Christmas Delight

Last year, I met someone, Paula Bowser, who has become a very good friend of mine. I have never met her in person. Though I have high hopes of meeting her in the future. She is from Germany and is so knowledgeable in many things. I have learned a lot from her and her blogs. When I first met her, she was in Germany and planning to come to the United States to get married to her long time beau. All of our gang, on The Redhead Riter's Community, on The Blogfrog, was pretty excited for her! We are a group of close internet friends, that seems to go beyond the computer world.

This year, Paula Bowser has written an eBook, From Lucky Charm To Christmas Delight, of the recipes she had compiled of German goodies for her new American husband. This book is special to me because my husband, was stationed in Germany when he was in the service in the seventies, and told me of the delicious German foods, and especially, the desserts.

My Kindle Fire

Now her eBook is in the kindle store at Amazon! It is easy to get the app there for people who do not own a book reader and would like to have it on their computer. Amazon has Free Kindle Reading Apps so you can buy or get free eBooks to read on your computer. Lots of good ones too!

German Lebkuchen (gingerbread) and Christmas Cookies Recipes! Exquisite, homemade delights adding to the festive spirit in your home! 

You will bake original German gingerbread with the gift of the deities - honey! Surprise your family with "Stollen" and your knowledge about its 500 years history. Learn how to make "Baumkuchen", the king of cakes; or why pepper cookies are seldom made with pepper!

Passed on from generation to generation by German families now living in America. Collected and "handwritten" in the year 2011, by Paula Bowser, newcomer to the USA!  She says, "Now celebrating Christmas in my new home country. I love to share this collection, traditions and stories with you!" 

In her book:

Honey – Gift of the Deities
Lebkuchen (gingerbread)
From Lucky Charm to Christmas Delight
Stollen Recipes
With a Hint of History
X- mas Cake Recipe
Festive Tart Recipe
Triple C – Christmas Chocolate Cake
Baumkuchen – The King of Cake
Christmas Cookies Recipes
Why Pepper Cookies aren't made with Pepper!
Step by Step Guide – Gingerbread House
Modern Gingerbread Magic - Desserts
German Christmas Traditions
Tips & Tricks & Resources

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Friday, December 16, 2011

On My Mother's Birthday - Remembering Her

My beautiful mother in 1942
Hazel Dorothy Neer Dran

Today, December 16th is my mother's birthday. I always think of her birthday coming as soon as December first comes. Before she became sick in the seventies, she was always a very independent woman. Her and my father made a life for themselves that was centered around their home and family. We were never rich, but we always had food, clothing and a home. My brother, Mickey and I had many happy memories of growing up in our family.

Mom chasing after Mickey 1951!

When I was three, they sold their house and gave away all their belongings except what they could fit in our car, and we headed out to California. Along the way we stopped at the Rocky Mountains. We stayed out there for about three months and my mother hated it. So they just packed us back up and we headed back to NY. My grandmother welcomed us home and we stayed with her until they could find another house.

Our house on Route 7, Harpursville, NY 

I always remember the day they came home and said they bought a house. Mom said to get ready because  my new next door neighbor is waiting to meet me! Kim Wright who lived next door, was there to meet me when we got to our new house. We became the best of friends. My parents had a bought a big two story, 12 room house about 8 miles from my grandmother's and one mile from the town of Harpursville, NY. I loved living in this house. Near all my relatives. I especially liked spending nights at my grandmother's house, which I did quite often.

Some of our friends and cousins at my party

Our neighborhood was full of children our ages. We had a lot of friends there and it was a good place to live. There was a creek behind our houses where we swam all summer. Our house had a big piece of land right next to our house, so it wasn't like we had houses on top of each other. We also owned the land across the road from our house. There was a good hill there for sleigh riding in the winter.

My father building our gas station

Soon after we moved there, my father started building a gas station. It was right on Route 7, and at that time, that was a very busy highway. Many years after we moved from there, they built 88 which is a very busy route for over the road trucks and travelers. But at that time, in 1956, Route 7 was an ideal place for a gas station.

Dran's Atlantic, Harpursville, NY 1955-62

My parents worked together on running our gas station. It was a local hang out for teenage boys who learned how to fix their cars since my father welcomed them and didn't mind helping them. I think he liked it.  My mother was active in the local PTA and did all types of volunteer jobs at Harpursville School. In fact, when they gave shots in the gym every year, she worked there to help. But every year, they'd have to notify her that her daughter was in the nurse's office because she fainted in line waiting for her shot! She always told that story years later.

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Food Wars Include Low Carbers

Ground Beef for low carb meals!

As most people know, I eat mostly low carb foods. I follow Dr. Atkins' induction food plan when I am being very good. When I am not being very good.............I suffer! Not kidding! I have written about it in this post, The Key To Low Carb Cooking.

Baked Beans Is A High Carb Meal!

Something I have noticed on the internet and elsewhere, is that there are food wars going on. It is so weird how people want everyone else to do exactly what they are doing. If they are vegetarians, they put down the meat eaters. Or vice versa. If they eat high carbs, they put down low carbs. I guess it carries over to other parts of life though. Smokers vrs non-smokers. Drinkers vrs non-drinkers. Homesteaders vrs "Yuppies" (or whatever you call them).

One of the low carb foods that I rely on!

Why is that? I personally, like to encourage people in my lifestyle or food plan, if they show a interest in it. If not, then one less person to move out to the country or buy up all the good meat and produce in the store! If they are not interested in the things I am, that is fine with me. I will not fight with them or argue about it. I am not trying to say my way is the best way, or the only way. Just my way.

Berries are a low carb fave!

My husband and I tried several times to switch to vegetarian. It did not do it for us. We both grew up with meat at every meal, and was not satisfied without it. When I read Dr. Atkins book, I found that everything he said for me, was right on. Ever since I switched, my health improved and I lost weight. So it speaks for itself.

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