Friday, June 20, 2014

Facebook Fights Are Getting Old Real Fast

Raised Bed with Bush Beans

I must annoy a lot of people. I am here at home minding my own business. But it is Facebook that is the culprit. One person who was a Facebook friend got mad at me and deleted me, because my husband made a remark about wanting pot legalized. It wasn't me. I don't even smoke nor do I drink or smoke cigarettes either. I agree with legalizing it, but what's that to her? But she got mad at me. Fine, I didn't really have anything in common with her anyway.

When my father passed away in 2012, my husband and I had the burden of dealing with my niece who had stolen everything of value out of my father's home. Her family had lived off my 94 year old father and stripped his bank account and did all sorts of things while he was in the hospital. He worried the whole time about them being in his house alone, even though he knew he'd never go back there. She burned her bridges with her family, including my brother who is her father.

Not too long ago, I joined a prepping group which is located in our area. They seemed like a nice bunch of people. I am not a prepper by any means. I am a modern homesteader and that is a whole different thing. So one of the guys saw a picture my husband posted that was about using solar for energy. It said something like the sun has been providing energy for billions of years and this guy took offence to that. He thought the world was only about 6000 years old (where has he been living? Under a rock?)! He actually made a bunch of religious comments on my husband's page. Then he said he was being persecuted for being a Christian! He was the one who started this argument on my husband's Facebook page! Keep your mouth shut, or write on your page, buddy. And just for the record: I AM a Christian, but I am not a follower of organized religion. I do not believe that the earth is only 6000 years old though. They have been saying that for hundreds of years now, I guess it never gets any older.

Now this month, a girl who I knew quite well, in fact, she lived with my son in the early nineties. They fought like cats and dogs then, and they still fight like that now. Only now she says it is all my fault. She put her nose in my business while I am trying to keep my son in his own apartment. So she slanders me. Accuses me of all sorts of REALLY bad things. She implied I was saying bad things about her, give me a break, she has not been on my mind at all. All I did was to remind my son to stay away from her because she causes trouble, which she does, and did. Of course she now has a job that she thinks puts her in a power position. Shoot, she is just a Medicaid Service Coordinator at the Handicapped Children's Association. So she should know better than fighting back and forth with my son who is a handicapped adult. It is, and was a very stressful situation to say the least, because of my son's girlfriend who is friends with the old girlfriend. What a mess!

I am distancing myself from these types of people. One thing is that Facebook does make it easy for people you have nothing in common with to become friends with you. It seems to me that it is rude to not accept them as a friend. But if I can't write what I want on my timeline, because of them, then I can't be friends with them. If they want to argue, do it on your own page.

So I have thought about trying to make my page even more private than it is.I have it set pretty strictly, I think. But I am looking to see if there is more that I can do with it. I hate fighting with anyone, and that is why I live this type of life to begin with. I just wish I lived further out than this, and maybe I will think about doing just that in the near future. So if you'd like to be friends with me on Facebook, go to my Homesteading On The Internet page or my Solar Baby page. I am on both of those pages quite often.

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