Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Nice February Day!

Today was a reasonably nice day for February. It was sunny and pleasant. I have been so busy on my website adding new products. To sell online, you have to work at that all the time. People come there looking for something new. We have added all kinds of new things and it's really shaping up. The funny thing is that I also have the ebay store and all and have been listing on there for awhile, but my site is a os commerce store and it is so much easier and faster than listing on ebay. You'd think it would be the other way around!

I know I talk about my animals a lot. But they are my family. My three horses loved the weather today. They were frisky, running and playing. But they really do like snow and cold weather the best though. Even our dog, Nikita loves cold weather, course she has a lot of hair. But she loves to roll in the snow or lay in the snow chewing on a bone. Then she comes inside and curls up right behind the woodstove on the hearth. When she gets too hot, I have to make her move away.

I love the internet and would like to arrange my life so I just would not have to go anywhere at all. Just buy everything I need right here from my computer. I know I could not buy my horses' their hay that way. But I could get have it delivered just like I have my firewood delivered. You can do all your banking and paying bills online. There are many many sites to purchase food from. And all your household supplies too.

I'll be back tomorrow...

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