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Recently I changed my lifestyle from living on an off-the-grid homestead in a secluded area to moving to a small studio apartment in a small city. At the age of 66, I had to take back my own independence and live the life I missed. I stuck it out for 19 years and when I saw things were not changing to make my life any easier I knew I had to leave it. I am very happy I did, even though at the time, I was not sure what the outcome would be after I left there.

So now I have a new home for myself and my house rabbit, Rabbit. I love it here and my worry about changing from living in the country to living in a city was unfounded. Now I would never go back to the country. So much easier and nicer. This is the first year, I am looking forward to winter. I also have started over with a new relationship that I am quite happy with. Though when I was dreaming about moving for a number of years (since 2012 to be exact) and leaving my marriage, I did not want or think about having a relationship ever again. But those things are never planned. Your feelings are not something you can argue with or manipulate. They just happen.

This blog will now address the issues of a woman living on her own at 66 years plus, with her pet rabbit in a small 338 square foot studio apartment. No more homesteading or alternative energy topics will be written here. If it is not of interest to you, then I suggest you look for a different blog to follow. I am not into that lifestyle anymore and have no interest in writing about it. I hope you understand.

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