Saturday, April 02, 2022

Homemade Instant Pot Yogurt


I love yogurt! It has not been a part of the Ketogenic food plan but a recipe I found at 2krazyketos has changed that. Not only that, but the recipe is made in your Instant Pot! Perfect for me since I love making recipes in the Instant Pot. This recipe is easy to follow and has made yogurt a part of my daily food plan. My regular readers know how much I love making my own food instead of buying processed. I do the best I can. Finding recipes like this are a big help. Especially if they are good and easy! 

Using a milk that is lower in carbs than others is a must if you want your yogurt to have low carbs. I found this brand at Walmart which is the same brand used in the video for this recipe. It looks like Walmart always carries it. I used a whole quart of milk, a pint of heavy cream and a couple of tablespoons of organic yogurt that had the live cultures in it. 

Whisk it together to make sure it blends together. Put it all in your Instant Pot and you have a batch of yogurt in the making. The recipe at 2 Krazy Ketos has instructions for making this yogurt without the Instant Pot also. 

Put the top on and press the yogurt button. That was all I had to do. Then wait for 8-9 hours. Check it to see if it the thickness you like. I was making mine into Greek yogurt so I wanted it thick.

When it is was done to the thickness I wanted I poured it into a yogurt separator that I bought on Amazon. You can pour it into any kind of strainer you have. Or use nut milk bags or cheesecloth. You would need to tie it off to make a ball of yogurt and have a bowl or something to allow it to drip the whey in. I refrigerated mine though you can leave it on a counter and it would be safe. 

After four to five hours the whey had drained out of the yogurt and I took it out of the refrigerator. I scraped it out of the strainer. If you have one of these strainers, I recommend immediately putting it in the sink and using a sink sprayer to remove the yogurt on the screen. It made the job of cleaning it so much easier! 


I measured the whey to be able to figure out the nutrition for this batch of yogurt. The directions to do that is on the recipe notes at 2 Krazy Ketos' website. The recipe is Keto Instant Pot Yogurt and it is helpful to watch their video as well. If you would like it to be low fat then check this one out, Low Fat Keto Yogurt.

As you can see in my photo, the yogurt came out really thick which is what I wanted. I use it in recipes or as a substitute for cream cheese or sour cream, as well as eating it as part of a meal. That comes in handy since the shortage of Philadelphia cream cheese this past year.

Using my electric beater I whipped it up for about two minutes to get it smooth. The video said if wanted it not as thick to add a small amount of the whey back into it. I did not do that since I wanted it thick.

I filled the small containers with a half cup to one cup of the finished Greek yogurt and put the tops on. Just be sure when you are going to make it again to save a couple tablespoons of this batch to make your next one. My total carb count on this batch was 1 carb. I did not figure out the cost of making the yogurt but I know it was a lot less than buying Greek yogurt already made. It was very good so be sure to try it!

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Monday, March 21, 2022

Keto Replacement Shakes Are Very Helpful


What if I told you there is a product that will help you enjoy your keto lifestyle more? A product that will have you looking forward to it every day? How about drinking a shake for one of your meals daily? Not any old shake! Not like the ones you have had in the past. I know those replacements meals of the past. I once lost 30 pounds drinking Slim Fast myself. Of course my husband at that time, had just dumped me for an over the hill topless dancer so maybe that had something to do with it. 


Having worked for a good part of my life as a Certified Nursing Assistant, a home health aide and a personal care aide, I know how hard it was to get my patients to drink the replacement meal drinks they were given. If you have ever tasted one, then you know what I mean. Just read the ingredients listed on the back and you will understand why. I would never drink one of those now. Getting enough protein is difficult. I know this because it was become my daily mission in life. To get enough protein every day. My goal is 140 grams of protein a day but I have difficulty hitting that.

Welcome Keto Chow! Around November of last year I started buying a replacement meal drink called Keto Chow. I have not looked back since! It was exactly what I wanted and needed. I drink one shake a day for one of my meals. It is tasty and I look forward to it eagerly. It supplies one third of your daily vitamins and minerals in one shake. It was the game changer for me. Ever since I started using it I have stopped starting and stopping my keto food plan over and over again. It has become my lifestyle for sure now. 

When you make a Keto Chow shake you have to add a fat to it so you will absorb the vitamins and minerals properly. I use melted butter in mine because it is less carbs than the heavy cream. You can use whatever fat you like but you really need to add a fat. It can be avocado or coconut oil (melt it first), heavy cream, cream cheese, ghee, butter (melt it first) or whatever you want. Just remember a keto food plan is not lowfat, so have the fat in it. The fat keeps you satisfied and not hungry all day.


I was doubtful when I first ordered it but thought I would give it a try. After all my favorite Keto YouTube channel, Steve from Serious Keto did a review on it and said it tasted good. I always believe him because he is pretty honest. It can be used in many recipes as well as the shakes. So if there is something you are missing they probably have a recipe for it. Or one of the YouTubers have it on their channel. My first shake and I was excited! The first flavor I tried was Snickerdoodle and it remains one of my favorites. But to be honest, I truly love them all. 

I like to add a bit of beef gelatin to it so it will be thicker for pudding and adds more protein. I add collagen peptides for the health benefits too. Since I am a slow eater, the pudding makes it last longer and is more enjoyable. I drink it as shake when I am in a hurry for something to eat. I make three at a time and store them in the refrigerator for at least overnight. They are much better that way. Some people like them hot and include their coffee as the liquid instead of water or a nut milk. It is also popular to use the shakes to make ice cream. I bought an ice cream maker and do that also. Figuring once the warm weather is here I will be missing ice cream. Not now!

They have many different flavors and some savory ones also. I have used those to make soup. I cannot say enough good things about Keto Chow products and the company itself. It is a company that really cares about their customers and go out of their way for them. If you would like to try these go to Serious Keto's YouTube channel and there is a discount coupon for ten percent off your purchase. I am not an affiliate of Keto Chow, just a VERY satisfied customer!

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Sunday, March 20, 2022

A Good Bread Replacement for the Keto Lifestyle

Yesterday, I made a chaffle recipe that was not eggy tasting nor cheesy either. Sometimes I want to use a substitute for bread or buns and do not want it to taste like eggs or cheese. Most chaffle recipes are mainly eggs and cheese. In my search for one that I could make ahead and store for a few days, I was back at one of my favorite keto channels on YouTube. Steve, from Serious Keto has made many different chaffle recipes. The recipe I tried is one he made when he was testing six different recipes sent in by his subscribers. It is the Best Bread Chaffle recipe on his website. 

Instead of using fresh egg whites called for in the recipe, I used powdered egg whites and it came out just fine. I think they were the best chaffles I have ever made. A change from the cheese ones, though I like those too. Otherwise I followed his recipe exactly. Dipping one into my eggs yesterday was like a luxury! I had not had anything to dip into an egg in a long time. The other types were good but not replacing the toast I liked to go with my eggs. 

One chaffle is 4 total carbs which is pretty good. I plan for two chaffle with breakfast so it is 8 total carbs which is good for me. Most days I do not get anywhere near my goal of 20 total carbs for the day. If you plan your daily menu ahead, you can plan on the 8 carbs for two chaffles in whatever meal you want to use them in. A sandwich or toast. Or just have one and cut it in half. Since these are quite small made on the Dash mini-waffle maker I like to have two.

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All Photographs Copyright © 2022  Kathleen G. Lupole

Sunday, February 06, 2022

Develop New Routines

Adding color to your home will improve your mood!

Routines. Do you develop a new routine when you decide to make changes in your life? I do. I have found that making a change in the way you do things will become your routine after as little as a week or two. It can be in any part of your life. Something as simple as changing to grinding your coffee beans every evening for coffee tomorrow. Or hanging up your coat and putting away your keys and purse as soon as you come in your door. Since I have lived here, going on four years in May, I have developed many new habits or routines. As I grow older, I try to make my life as easy as possible. 

Sometimes I find a change I made in my daily routine is not easier or that I just do not like it. So I eliminate it from my routine. Then there are changes I need to do......but find them hard to carry out. One of those is Dry Brushing for my Lymphedema. The lymph massage too. I will go through my whole day and find that I did not do it even once. I am supposed to try for at least twice a day. The Dry Brushing should be done before every shower. Yet many times I am in the shower already before I remember I did not do it. Again!

My Lists!

To get started on changing your routine, you need to make a list of everything you want to do that day. I write out a list every evening. The next day I look at the list and try to accomplish each thing on it. Most days I don't do every single thing but close to it. When you do not have a job I find your time can get away from you being at home all day. By having a routine you feel like you have accomplished something at the end of your day. Even with limited mobility I am able to do most everything I need to do.

My home!

If there is something you need and don't know how to include it in your routine, do a search on the internet to see what others do. I do this all the time and that is how I find many answers to my problems. By changing my routine this year, I was able to finally change my diet for good. The health benefits of not eating certain foods was well worth it. I regret that I did not do it sooner. Of course, any change, diet or otherwise, takes a bit of time. Three weeks is usually what I found in my research but it depends on what the change is. Some take more time and some barely any at all.

Rabbit enjoying his morning banana!

Take a look at your pets. They live by your routines that you have taught them. Maybe you think you do not have a routine but change one thing and how do they react? I have seen it many years with all my various pets. I see it with my house bunny, Rabbit. He knows when I go in the kitchen to get my 2nd cup of coffee I will get his morning banana. He can be in his cage and hear me in the kitchen getting that coffee and he hurries out of his cage to the kitchen doorway. If I don't get his banana (or heaven help me, I am out of them!) he sits outside the kitchen doorway staring me down. Showing me the floor in front of him is empty. No banana there. So I make sure I am never out of bananas! 

More Lists!

Right now, start a list of things you already do as part of your daily routine. Mornings, what do you do? Then do the same with your evening routine. Is there something in there you really wish you did not do? Eliminate it from the list and stop doing it. An example would be eating a high sugar dessert just before bedtime. I would work on one bad habit at a time. Not all at once. Then add one good habit that you want to do. Maybe something like reading a chapter of a book or writing a letter instead of eating the snack. 

First time making ice cream!

For me the worse thing I was doing was buying ice cream and then I would eat it for every meal. I loved it, no matter if it was cold or hot out. I started drinking a meal replacement shake for one meal a day. I bought an ice cream maker and if I want ice cream now, I make it with the shake. What a game changer that was! If I want to eat ice cream for my whole meal I can. It is actually good for me! Just using that meal replacement as ice cream, a shake or pudding helped me to finally realize my goal of sticking with the Ketogenic lifestyle permanently. 

Keto Chow makes keto easy!

Nobody can make you do something you do not want to do. You have to do that for yourself! Take it slow and don't be mad at yourself if you fail. Just start over immediately. Making the effort is worth it. So try.  

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Monday, December 20, 2021

Wishing All My Viewers A Very Merry Christmas 2021


Merry Christmas to all my viewers! I don't know how each of you feel about Christmas this year, but I feel like I usually do. Just pleased I have lived through another year. Christmas is the holiday I have a love hate relationship with. Some years I have just been glad to make it through it. Not so much due to my health, but just the season itself. Last year of course, everybody felt that way. This year it is different. We still have some of the same issues but people have become unreasonable and judgmental toward others. Blaming them for things that cannot be controlled no matter what each of us do. Being directed by politicians and the news media to do so. Yet they cannot see past their own fear and mistaken beliefs. 

It reminds me of my late mother-in-law. She would say things against other religions outside of her own. My husband would say that they think the same way about her and her religion. She would end the conversation by saying, "But they are wrong." Talking to a brick wall is not worth the time because nobody will change their minds no matter what is presented. Especially when the news they watch every day tells them exactly what to believe and to say and who to blame it on. So I do not discuss what I think or do in such situations. 

I have been fighting the propaganda train for many years now. No matter what the masses do, I question everything. Then research. Research. Research. And more research. I find my answers and do not believe every study or so called "professional's" opinion. You cannot even believe what is taught in schools or universities. Now I realize you could not believe that years ago either. At that time in my life I did not know that. Always question why, what or who is pushing whatever it is in your own research. Do not take anyone's word for it. Find the answers yourself. Even if you have to go back very far. You will find that many beliefs were pushed on the people in the past and then years later it comes to light that it was all wrong. Or wrongly presented to the public citing studies and scientific facts that were paid for by profits. Not true facts. The public who believes everything the government or other profit backed industries tells them is the ones who are damaged by it.

My Christmas present to you is to start the new year by taking charge of your own health. Research the immune system. Not by using allopathic sources. I have found in recent years that anything using the term "science based" is not a reliable source. At least for me, it is not. Everyone must make their own choices of what they will accept and what they won't. I just know over the years, I have seen what has happened to others and whether it helped them or not. If you do not accept what others want you to accept, then it is best to distance yourself from them. Some people will not do that if a close family member is making you do what they want you to do. No matter how you feel about it! I will write more about taking charge of your own health and life in a future post. 

In the meantime, try to do the following to get a jump on the coming year: 

1. Avoid stress and don't put yourself in stressful situations if you can. 

2. Cut disease causing foods out of your daily diet.

3. Take some time out of each day to mediate or by reading inspirational books or your Bible.

4. Set aside some time in your day to drink a cup of herbal tea and listen to soothing music. Just relax, but do not fall asleep. Let that time become a routine to de-stress your body every day.

5. If possible take a walk outside. Getting outside every day is essential to your immune system. Even if it is not a sunny day. There is something about that fresh air that is good for your soul, as well as your body. Breathe deep. Concentrate on your breathing while outside.   

I wish all my viewers a Merry Christmas and hope it is a good one for you. If you are alone that day, create your own day by preparing a pleasant meal for yourself. Put on some Christmas music or music of your choice. Don't spend your day by thinking of past Christmases if that causes you to be depressed. It is just a day like any other day. Don't let it create a situation for making yourself miserable. Remember Christmas is now a representative of shopping profits for big industries and credit card companies. Not what it meant when getting a couple of presents made by your parents or grandparents under a simply decorated tree was  more than enough. Those were happier days we just didn't realize it at the time. I think it all started with those Christmas season shopping inserts they put in the newspapers around Thanksgiving right up to Christmas day.


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Wednesday, December 08, 2021

One Simple Change Can Change Your Whole Life

Life is strange. One minute you are living your life a certain way, then before you know it everything is different. It has changed for one reason or another. One change can cause the rest of your life to become unsettled. For instance, if you suddenly experience a serious illness, the loss of someone whether by death, divorce or separation or loss of employment, then your life is changed. There are times when you are forced to be the one to make the change. Even if you don't want to or are scared to do so. You just need to take that first step. Stepping out of your comfort zone is never easy.

At my age now, I see many changes over the years that took place in my own life. They were never simple or easy. Many I had no control over. Some changes I made happen myself. Not always because I wanted to, but because I had no choice. It was either live or die. At one time I was married to a bad alcoholic. We could have had a good life but I could not deal with the constant drinking. I am not exaggerating one bit. I barely drank. Well to be honest, I did not drink at all. When I started dating him I tried to. I could not tolerate alcohol for some reason (at the time I did not know I had multiple chemical sensitivity). Leaving him was a no brainer. Had to leave and never regretted it.

As you age though, it doesn't look good on you to be a heavy drinker, cigarette smoker or drug user. It affects your health and also your looks. Maybe others making remarks because you don't do what they do makes you feel like you have to do it even if you don't want to. Don't! Letting others influence you to go against your own beliefs is always wrong. I have never been a follower. Yes, I did things that were "in" at the time or that others did.....but NEVER because of their influence. I did those things of my own free will.

Keto Salad

Maybe friends of mine think because I try to follow the low carb/ketogenic diet that I am being a follower. No, that is not why I follow this particular way of eating. It is because of the way it makes me feel. Every time I eat processed high carb foods or sugar I pay for it with my health. The funny thing is the very people who put down the keto food plan are the people who should be on it themselves. They need to look in the mirror and look at their own health records and count how many pharmaceutical drugs they are on. That is their choice and I don't try to change it.

Changes in your life no matter how small will affect your life on down the road. Looking out for yourself is not selfish. In fact, it is the right thing to do. How can you help your loved ones if you are suffering from addictions? Poor health? Or undesirable domestic situations? You can't. Now look on down the road, 20, 40 or even 50 years into your future. Whatever you do today at a young age will most definitely affect you in the future.  

Now at my age it is too late to worry about what I did or did not do when I was younger. I have to work with where I am at right now. No matter what I will not lose my hope or positive mental attitude. I will always be in control of my life and if something or someone threatens that I will find another way. Patience is key. Time seems to do more than heal all wounds. It helps me get a better perspective on my problem or life. 

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