Thursday, March 02, 2023

Electric Vehicle Charging Station in Norwich, NY


Recently I went for walk, which is unheard of in February in New York! It was really a nice day and I spent time sitting in the sun in the park and watching traffic. I remembered that I noticed a small electric vehicle charging station in the parking lot next to my building. So on my way back home, I took a detour. I figured I would snap a few pictures of it to share on my social media. 

Far corner of the parking lot

As I got closer I saw someone working in the fenced in enclosure near the chargers. This little charging station is located in the far corner of the Hayes Street parking lot. This parking lot is behind the stores and restaurants on South Broad Street (Route 12) in Norwich, NY. I suppose if you have an electric vehicle it would be convenient to park it here to charge while you go to one of the restaurants or shops.

Dept. of Transportation

It turned out that the man working there was from DOT (Department of Transportation). He was very nice and showed me how the charger worked and how you pay to use it. New York State has an Electric Vehicle Charging Station Program available to vendors to place chargers in public spaces. This way the chargers are available to vehicle owners who do not have chargers at home.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

There are two chargers at this location. I personally have not seen a car being charged there yet. It is hidden away in this parking lot so maybe nobody knows it is here. The restaurants could add it to advertisements and get some business when people are looking for a electric vehicle charger. 

BTC Power EV Charger

The chargers are BTC Power chargers. The system can charge two separate vehicles at the same time. This charging station is able to charge four vehicles since there are two chargers. BTC Power is a manufacturer of electric vehicle charging systems here in the US, Canada and Europe. They are located in Santa Ana, CA. 

Hays Street Parking Lot

I can't tell you much more about this charging station at this time. As soon as the weather permits I will go back and take some more pictures. I wanted to get close up shots of the charger but the DOT worker was there and I didn't want to bother him or take his picture. Hopefully I can get a picture of a vehicle being charged here. 

Copyright © 2023 Kathleen G. Lupole
All Photographs Copyright © 2023  Kathleen G. Lupole

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Making Chicken Wings Using the Ceramic Crisping Tray

Copper Crisping Tray

Since I do not have an air fryer I use a Nuwave Pro Plus Infrared oven for most of my oven meals. In case you are not familiar with the Nuwave, it is a counter top cooking appliance that uses infrared, conduction and convection heat to save time and money. I have been using it for almost five years. As much as I love it, I was a bit jealous of all the air fryer meals I was seeing online. Especially the ones with the crisp coatings or for finger foods such as chicken wings or fried shrimp. I was afraid an air fryer would get too hot for my small kitchen and could possibly set off my fire alarm or cause a fire. Discovering the crisping tray was the best thing I could have done. I can make any type of low carb breaded foods which come out as if they were deep fried or cooked in an air fryer. 

Chicken Wings ready to cook!

I recently made chicken wings in the Nuwave using the crisping tray to get the skin brown and crisp. On these I did not put any kind of breading, just seasoning. I made sure to allow space between them so they get browned evenly. I used a parchment paper liner on the bottom of the tray but you do not have to do that. Actually it is not recommended. I started doing it so that cleaning the tray would be easier. One thing I also do with the chicken wings is to put them uncovered on a tray in the refrigerator for a few hours before cooking them. That way they are drier and hold the seasonings better. 

Nuwave Pro Plus Infrared Oven

Then I set the dome on top of the Nuwave Pro Plus  oven to cook. I think I set my cooking time to 20 minutes. Now according to the instructions for the crisping tray you do not have to turn the food over. I turn it anyway. Then I season the other side and cook it for about 12 more minutes. Check it to see if it is done and if it is browned enough for you. Depends on how you like them.

Time to turn!

The seasonings I used was Redmond Real Salt, cumin, chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder and black pepper. This is not a set recipe for me. I do it different every time. Whatever type of seasoning you have a taste for. That is what I love about using different seasonings! This time I did not make Buffalo wing sauce but sometimes I do that too. Then put a bit on them and back in the oven for 2-3 minutes. Or you can just dip it on your wings when you put them on your plate.

The other side!

I used to like to order chicken wings from local restaurants. They have gotten to be so pricey lately that I don't buy them anymore. Also I cannot be sure of what they put on them or cook them in. Many restaurants use canola or other vegetable oils which is really bad for inflammation. I am trying to control mine and don't want to take the chance. So not only am I controlling what I eat but how much I spend. It is a double win!  

Chicken Wings with salsa and sour cream

Normally I would have served these wings with my homemade Buffalo wing sauce. Since I was out of blue cheese dressing I had them with salsa and sour cream instead. Was just as good. 

Copyright © 2023 Kathleen G. Lupole
All Photographs Copyright © 2023  Kathleen G. Lupole

Sunday, February 26, 2023

Repairs and Preventative Maintenance on My Mobility Chair

Just like a car, things need to be maintained or repaired on your mobility power chair and scooters. It isn't cheap either! Hard to do when you are a person who needs help walking let alone repairing your chair or scooter. Even something that sounds as simple as changing the batteries is not a little thing. Depending on how much you use it though your batteries need to be charged often. I make it a habit to put the charger on it every time I come back from using it. 

Last summer I purchased new batteries because it was not holding a charge very long. I did not want to be stranded somewhere. My friend who drives a scooter had to buy new batteries almost every year because she uses her scooter often. The batteries are not cheap! So it is best to build up an emergency fund for batteries and related repairs on your mobility scooter or power chair. The batteries I purchased were Mighty Max sealed lead acid batteries that are under warranty for a year. Since I got them though I have not used the chair enough to know how well they hold the charge.

I had tire problems and had to have new ones put on and that was NOT an easy fix. Somebody did it for me and getting the wheel off proved to be very difficult. It took weeks to finally get them replaced. These new tires have tubes and give a smoother ride. I keep a tire pump nearby to pump them up when or if needed. 

So I thought I was all set and ready to go! Then I drove to the store and it did not feel right to me. I prayed to get home on it. Turns out the caster wheels, particularly one on the front, needs to be replaced too. This is beginning to remind me of a car or a truck. Well, I have the caster wheels now. Just waiting to put them on. I have been watching YouTube videos on how to do it. I will need a couple of tools to do this. My problem is that I am not very strong so it is hard for me to do. 

So these are the two new castor wheels and hopefully I will get them put on soon. Maybe I can have a friend do it for me. The weather this winter has been good enough that I could have used Jazzy to go to the store. Instead I had to use Instacart and spend more money. Running to the store will not be something I take for granted again. I love my mobility chair and hope to keep using it! It has given me so much independence. I hate to have it sitting in my apartment not being used. Soon I hope to have it road ready again! 

Copyright © 2023 Kathleen G. Lupole
All Photographs Copyright © 2023  Kathleen G. Lupole

Monday, September 19, 2022

Keto Friendly Food is Worth Every Penny You Spend


People are always saying to me, "how can you afford to follow the keto lifestyle with the prices of meat and dairy so high now?" I say back, "how can I NOT afford meat and dairy now?" Times like this call for making the most nutritious meals you can with what you buy. Look at the prices of those snack foods you buy. A family size bag of potato chips is as much as a two pound package of ground beef. How much nutrition is actually in that bag of chips? Since doing keto I no longer have the need to snack. Basically I eat two meals a day. Sometimes three. If I feel hungry I eat. If I am not hungry at supper time, I do not eat. Sometimes I will eat a Keto Chow ice cream that I make in my ice cream maker for a meal. Usually fills me up just fine. 

I used to buy a large package of ground beef and then divide it up into smaller packages. Then I would vacuum pack them for the freezer. Not lately. I have found the small one pound packages are the same price per pound as the larger ones at this time. So instead of wasting the vacuum pack bags I just buy the one pound packages and freeze them immediately. I like to make a pan of ground beef with various seasonings and dehydrated vegetables and then put a couple of fried or poached eggs on top. Mmmm! One of my favorite meals!

Bacon and Eggs

One thing I do splurge on and always will is bacon and eggs. Regardless of how much they drive the price up, I will buy them. Even if I have to go without other things that I normally buy. The best aspect of a keto lifestyle is that you can eat bacon and eggs as much as you want. It has always been the meal that satisfies me. If I have bacon and eggs for breakfast I am not hungry most of the day. If I ate cereal, oatmeal, waffles, pancakes, etc. I would be starving by lunch time. I see people asking for margarine or low-fat options and I think to myself, that is why you can't lose weight or stick to a diet. Low fat keeps you hungry for more money. I know this. I used to do it myself. Fat is what satisfies you and keeps you from eating more between meals. 

Fast Food

If you take "cheat days" or say you are dieting to lose so many pounds and go back to eating the standard American diet you will gain it all back and more. The reason you cheat on your low-fat diet is because your body wants and needs the fat you are not giving it. Fat does not make you fat! Sugar does! No, salt does not make you retain water either. Sugar and preservatives in your processed store bought foods does (go to Amazon and search for the Salt Fix book). 

Homemade Bone Broth

A good way to save money when following a keto lifestyle is to make as much of your own food as possible. Things like keto friendly condiments, broths and ingredients will be much more expensive than what you are used to use. Read the ingredients labels. Does it mention soybean or canola oil? Put it back on the shelf! I lived on store brand ranch dressings and Hellman's Mayonnaise for years. No wonder I could not lose weight or improve my health. Now I  buy Primal Kitchen condiments or make my own. Making my own is such a budget changer! Makes it so I can afford meat, eggs and dairy easily. I am doing that more now.

It is too bad that we have been taught from young ages the wrong information about our foods. Not only from the government who favors the food manufacturers so they can share in those profits. From the medical industry (yes, it is an industry) as well. I see it in so many of my friends who say they want to lose weight or deal with a particular health issue. Yet they continue doing what they have always done even though it has never improved their health. I never say a word to them now about it. It is their choice. 

Copyright © 2022 Kathleen G. Lupole
All Photographs Copyright © 2022  Kathleen G. Lupole

Saturday, August 27, 2022

Random Thoughts on my Mind Today

Downtown Norwich, NY


Recently I took a walk with one of my friends who lives next door. Crossing the street to the park, talking and enjoying the sunshine and fresh air was so refreshing because I usually walk alone. There are actually four parks within walking distance of my apartment building. My favorite thing to do is to take my camera and take pictures while on my walk. Then I find a spot to sit and just people watch. Sometimes there are no people! The city I live in is not huge, so many times I go for a walk and don't pass another person the whole time. Now the traffic is another story! 

When I moved here I chose not to get a car of my own. The reason was because of the expense. My experience with vehicles is that they are very expensive even if you drive an old one. In fact, an old cheap one would probably be even more expensive due to repairs. I am quite happy with the decision not to own one. In winter I see the people cleaning off their cars so the snowplow can remove the snow in our parking lot.  I am relieved I don't have to do that. I am keeping my driver's license though so I can drive a car if I need to. 

On the way to the store!

Unfortunately I cannot walk to the grocery store. It is too far for me so I take my mobility chair, "Jazzy" when I need to shop. I also have a subscription to Instacart which I have used mostly in the winter so far. Race walking used to be my form of exercise in my previous life. Now just walking with a walker to the dumpster outside my building is an accomplishment. One of the things I want to stress to others is that no matter what disability you have it is important to strive for doing something out of your comfort zone. Otherwise you become stagnant. Not only in your physical body but in your mind as well. Instead of saying, "I can no longer do this." Say, "Since I can't do that now I will do this instead." 

Even a weed has a purpose though many only see it as a pest.

I know it is not easy to look beyond what you are going through at the moment. Sometimes I can't see past today. Wondering why I can't walk like I used to? Why did I have to have this Lymphedema on top of it all? Well, I remember my mother saying she couldn't understand why God let her get Cushings Syndrome and become crippled for life. I am not sure why we have to get diseases and accidents that impair us for life. Maybe it is not apparent to me right now. For myself, I have satisfied myself with the answer that I have to be an example or a helper in some way to others. 


A few days ago the thing that was upsetting me was that I had been banned on "fakebook" (as I call it, I know that is not its name and I don't care) for commenting "head shot" on a photo of a wild rabbit looking directly in the camera. Of course anyone who knows me knows I would NEVER be promoting shooting a rabbit with anything other than a camera! When they said that to me and that I was going against community standards that was it for me. I knew I did not want to be censored by them any longer or belong to their so called community.  The thing is I have felt for a very long time that fakebook promotes violence every day. So I am not planning on going back. When my time is up I will be taking all my own content off and give everyone my contact information. 

Copyright © 2022 Kathleen G. Lupole
All Photographs Copyright © 2022  Kathleen G. Lupole

Friday, August 26, 2022

Trying to Understand the Seniors' Healthcare System

I am beyond frustrated with the so called health care for seniors system. System it is. The representatives on the phone are useless. All they want is to sign you up for personal aide services whether you need it or not. The only thing I needed was dental, vision and foot care. They refuse almost everything from those but want you to sign up for personal care. Hard to believe they approved that for fifteen hours a week! I don't have enough work in my apartment for fifteen hours a week! It is a crazy. I need teeth, eyes and feet instead! If someone else did all my household chores then what would I be doing? To tell the truth, I really like being as independent as I can and that includes cleaning and caring for my home. 

It is no secret that I have no respect for allopathic medicine. I feel like they want me to have something wrong. So I do not trust them or their tests. I know many people will swear by them because they saved their lives. But at what cost? How many parts did they cut off your body? How many prescriptions did you put into your body? How many side effects have you suffered from? I think when they see a senior citizen coming they think about all the profits they can make from them. 

Maybe I am wrong, but then again it is my choice. I do not like to have services or processes pushed on me. It seems to me a better system would be that your insurance carrier would just approve you for a certain dollar value of services for a certain number of years. When you use it up you are done till a certain date. Then it starts over. It should include all services, even the so called alternative medical. Instead of giving doctors bonuses for certain drugs they prescribe, give bonuses for keeping patients healthy and alive to certain ages. Reward them for doing a good job not how many prescriptions they can write.

The one I have been using will not pay for anything else unless I accept the aide for fifteen hours. The aide I spoke to on the phone said it is not worth it to her to work two hours a week for me. So I have declined all aides now and will forego my dental and vision and figure out how to cover those expenses myself. I am struggling to stay free of any more debt. I could pay on credit for the dental but just don't want to do that. The vision I can pay for if I save up for it over a few months. In the mean time, I am wearing my old pair of glasses that I tried and found that they were better for reading and the computer. As for my feet, I am cutting my nails myself and the bad toes I am using essential oils on. I could always get a pedicure at my hair salon but right now I am trying to be very frugal. I do what I can myself and will stick with my own plan for now. 

Copyright © 2022 Kathleen G. Lupole
All Photographs Copyright © 2022  Kathleen G. Lupole