Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Start Selling Your Clutter On eBay

Earrings I am selling on eBay

One of the activities I have been doing is trying to sell a lot of my own possessions on eBay. I just have too much stuff! Many times though, I take pictures and get it all ready to list and then my sentimental side takes over. Back in the box it goes. I know though, that eventually it will have to go in a listing. I am surprised that more people do not do this. I see posts on different forums and Facebook pages about how everyone has so much clutter and don't know what to do about it. I say, "take the bull by the horn and get started on eBay!"

Christmas Coasters selling on eBay

So where does one start? First make sure you already have an eBay and PayPal accounts! Very important first step because you cannot sell or buy on eBay without it. Yes, PayPal is very safe to use and I feel safe and secure using it. They have protected me many times over the years. Yes, you will have to connect your bank account to PayPal, but if you do not want to do that, open a new bank account just for online transactions. Transfer money into that account when you plan on buying something to make sure it is covered. Simple!

Camera Lens for my old camera sold on ebay

Now to sell on eBay the first thing after your account that you will need will be feedback. So get to work buying some cheap items in order to get some. My best advice on this is to buy things you need. Like shipping supplies. You will need various types of shipping supplies to send your buyers packages to them. Use them to get your feedback built up by making separate purchases over a period of time. If you buy a lot of stuff from one seller at the same time, it will only count as one feedback. You want more than that. Stock up on bubble mailers, bubble wrap, poly mailers, boxes, tissue paper, fragile labels, etc. You will also need a digital scale, a label maker, labels to go with it and of course, a printer, paper and ink for it. That could take awhile acquiring that amount of supplies. But if you want to make serious money on eBay, you will need it. Plus it will give you more feedback.

Lot of vintage crocheting needles I sold on eBay

The reason feedback is so important is because buyers won't buy from someone with less than 100 feedback. And if they do, they will be nervous about the transaction. To make them feel comfortable start your sales with small cheaper items until your feedback is up to 100. I know for myself, when I buy on eBay, I always check the feedback if they are less than 100. Sometimes I buy, sometimes I don't.

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