Thursday, April 12, 2007

My Homesteading Journey by katlupe

I have such good news for everyone! Everyone has been after me for so long to write a book about my homesteading life that I have finally done it. And finished it! It is listed on my own website at this time for sale. I will be listing it on some other sites also. But it will ONLY be listed and sold by me. It is not a book for resale, personal use only.

I have put my heart and soul in this book. It explains how my husband and I came from living in the busy city of St. Petersburg, Florida working at Home Shopping Network to living out in the middle of the state forest in upstate New York. How we bought a hunting camp and turned it into our own paradise - our little homestead, Peaceful Forest.

Once I started working on it, I found I had so much to say. Homesteading is my life. It is what defines me and makes me complete. So many people do not understand why anyone would want to live this way. They do not understand the feeling you get when you look at a pantry full of food that you have grown and canned, yourself. What a feeling it is!

Yet, my homesteading lifestyle is not old fashioned in any sense of the word. I live more high tech than most people as I explain in my book. I earn my living on my laptop computer, which is powered by my small affordable solar system, that anyone could set up.

Our road in July.
I try to show you, that if you just try, you can achieve this lifestyle too. Even if you live in a city or anywhere in between. Not everyone will want to live in the middle of the state forest! I am certainly glad of that fact!!!! In other countries, they live simpler, than us Americans. We are very wasteful and living the homesteading lifestyle is the way to overcome this bad habit.

So if you think you want to homestead, or are just thinking of doing it, please grab a copy of my book, My Homesteading Journey. It is an eBook, so as soon as you purchase it, you will be able to download it, and read it immediately. No waiting for it to come in the mail! Wonderful thing about living in this high tech age!!!!

Remember it is a eBook which means that it is NOT available in paper form. It sells on my site for $14.99 and there are no shipping charges, of course. It will come in an zipped file and you will need to unzip it. Then it is a PDF file that you will need Adobe to read it on your computer.

I am in the process of updating this book and you will be able to purchase it right here on this page as soon as I am finished. I have taken out all the photos as they make it slower to download, especially for dial-up buyers. Most of my photos are all available anyway on this blog so you have probably already seen them all anyway. You can still purchase it on my site. But after it is updated it will be available here and paid through PayPal.

Thank you for being a visitor or regular reader of my blog. I appreciate every single person who passes through my site, and hope I can assist you in some way of becoming more self-sufficient or better prepared in this world we live in. Blessings and my prayers to all of you!

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