Tuesday, September 06, 2016

katlupe's Thoughts For The Future

Leaves Changing Color and Falling

As summer slips into fall, I contemplate some changes I am making in my life. In the course of uncluttering my house, I was selling items on eBay. Yes, I sold off a lot of things, but the time and money spent on eBay was not conducive to what or how I want my life to go. Especially at my age now, in my sixties. I want less stress and a more relaxed lifestyle. That was not how to attain it. So I have stopped selling on eBay or anywhere for that matter. I am still getting rid of stuff but just taking it to my local thrift store.

Tree Tops Around my Yard

I like to write and that is what I am best at. This is the pursuit that suits me best. Writing my thoughts, as on this blog, or describing my lifestyle on my other two blogs. As all my readers know, I wrote two cookbooks which are still for sale on Amazon in the Kindle store. I would like to add a paper book version of both of those using Amazon's Create Space option eventually. Some of my Facebook friends brought to my attention that they would like me to continue my story on my Enduring Word blog, which I haven't written on in a very long time. So I shall look into that too.

Peaceful Forest

On the home front, I am desperate to clear out a bit of space in this crowded house for a small exercise area. Long before I moved here, in my previous life, I had a whole exercise room that was devoted to all my equipment. I used free weights and had a few pieces of other equipment. When I ended up divorced, I had no place for that equipment in a city apartment. I still have the hand weights and would like to buy a new incline/decline bench and a recumbent bike. I am really feeling the need for a regular exercise program. When I first moved out here, I race walked. Plus I worked at the horse farm where we bought our horses, which was a real exercise program in itself. Now with my knees being in such sad shape, I need to find an alternative. I think this will do it. So I am very hopeful. I found the equipment I need which is not very expensive. Now to make the room!

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