Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spring Has Sprung!

I love spring time! The birds are singing, the dandelions and tiger lillies are poking their heads out of the wet ground today. The sun is shining, generating my electricity by shining on solar panels most of the day. Wow! What an awesome world God has created. I give all the thanks and glory to him for this day.

I have been spending some time every day now brushing my three horses. They have been shedding for awhile now. Now they are starting to show that sleek, new coat coming in. It is so shiny and new. Of course, spring has them pretty antsy too. They know that the new grass is coming up too. I made sure to check my solar electric fence this morning so nobody gets out accidently leaning over or under looking for those blades of new grass. Good thing I did too! The whole back corner was down, but just the lower line and nobody really wanted to get out anyway. It's all fixed now.

This past week end we had the opportunity to hear The Syracuse Symphony and it was just great. Loved it! I hadn't been to Syracuse in quite some time, and I used to go there pretty regular before. It was like seeing an old friend, though it didn't look much different. When my husband drove a over-the-road truck we used to pick up loads there all the time, as well as drop off pallets. One of my favorite truck stops was the Pilot in Syracuse. More old memories.....good ones too.

I have started some of my tomato seeds and have more to get started. It's hard to get everything done at once. Winter clean up is a big job here because we have LOTS of snow and LOTS of wind. So there is many branches and things to clean up that got buried by snow, not to mention that our garbage can had gotten frozen in all winter and I could not even take the lid off let alone empty it. I'll be doing that tomorrow morning for sure.

Without my big heating woodstove going, I have to keep my seed starts upstairs to get started or it'll be too cold downstairs at night. I cannot see keeping a big woodstove going for them. It gets way too hot during the day for us and we go to bed pretty early so there is not much sense in wasting wood. The wood cook stove warms the kitchen up in the early morning and I can cook breakfast on it then. Then start it for supper and for warmth in the evening.