Monday, July 23, 2007

Ex-Husband Jealous Of My New Book!!!!!! Ha!

Well, my book has caused some bad feelings in my family. Not exactly, my family.....but my ex-husband wanted my son to bring his copy over so he could read it. Course, he was too cheap to buy a copy!

I made a small mistake that only had to do with the house I lived in when my son was born. So it was like I did something horrible and I was a liar. Being a Christian myself, I try to never tell a lie on purpose. The mistake was only because my book is really about Homesteading. I am a homesteader and that is no lie.

To tell the truth, I did not want to write anything about my previous life anyway. But my many homesteading friends wanted me to tell that part as it would help someone who was living that "cushy" life who wanted to be set free. So I did. But to me, it was an unimportant area of my life.

My book covers my complete solar system, All my componets. How it is set up. How we have lived for over 8 years with no electric bill. How to watch the meter to be careful of the loads you put on the small system we have.

Another area of my book was cooking on wood cookstove. How to buy a used one and what to check on it before purchasing one. How to start the fire in it, how to keep it going, how to cook on one, how to clean it.

Nothing that would have been of interest to my ex-husband and his wife who live a life that is the exact opposite of me!

Like cooking on a wood heating stove. How I heat my water on it for washing dishes or taking baths. Or how to cut the firewood we need to keep our stoves running through out the year.

I also gave tips on how to cut down on your electric bill. But I don't think they would have paid much attention to that either. They are not the frugal couple!
So if I decide to write a story of my life, he will be in big trouble as then I will really tell all those gory details. But for now, my life is about homesteading, being self-sufficient & growing my own food. And I made no mistake in that area of my book.

So for the record, my son was born in a hospital in a little town, Sidney in upstate New York!
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