Friday, July 13, 2007

Larry Lupole Was Awesome in Warren Center, PA

I am so proud! My husband, Larry Lupole played in Warren Center, Pennsylvania last night in a open air concert. It was wonderful. He sang three songs from his music cd, "Classic Fantasy". First he performed "You're A Woman Now", which he dedicated to his beautiful daughter, Hollie Sunshine. Next, he played "I Sit Up Here", which is a song about the musician's life of performing on the road. Then he sang a Eric Clapton favorite, "Wonderful Tonight."

We brought cds to sell and it was a good thing! People wanted them, especially after hearing him sing some of the very songs on it. I have a feeling we will be going back. So if anyone reading this would like one of his music cds, go to my site to purchase one. Plus, if you let me know you want it autographed by Larry Lupole himself, just let me know. He will do that for you. But if he does, your cd will not come sealed in it's wrapper. Just tell me the name you want on it.
You might think from the picture above that Larry sings country music. No, it is Classic Rock. His biggest influences were The Beatles. His sound is very unique. His own style. I think you would really enjoy it.

Today is another beautiful day here in upstate New York. It has to be the best year for gardening. Our plants look the best they have ever looked in our garden. And we keep adding more beds and plants. This week I added the oregano, mint, chives and lemon balm and they are doing very good this morning.

We are also changing our diet to a more plant based. Meat will take a lesser role in our food supply. I think it bogs our systems down. So a good cut of meat once or twice a week and liver once a week should be good for us. We also like cheese and I have recently started making some of our cheeses. I like doing that and plan on making more. So lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and multigrain breads and cereals and beans, lentils and eggs and we should improve our health.

For every health concern I research, they all come down to same things. Nutrition is always first. No smoking, moderate alcohol ( I do not do either), exercise regularly, careful in sunlight by wearing sunglasses and sunscreens, and drink lots of water and fluids. Sounds pretty easy, right? The hard part is making them your regular habits.
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