Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My Day Lilies Are In Bloom!!!!!

My day lilies are blooming now! And my road looks the most beautiful now than at any other time of the year. I truly feel blessed by living in a such a beautiful place. It is just like the Garden Of Eden is described in The Bible.

I got locked out of my account here and have been trying for months to get back on here to post on my blog., I was able to reset my password and get back on. Whew! I love this blog the best of all the ones I have.

Summer is looking good this year in New York state! My garden is looking the best it ever did. Course, I owe that to my wonderful husband, Larry. This year he started helping me and when he does something, he really does a good job. From the way it looks right now, I will be doing alot of canning this year. Putting our food away for the winter.

He built me more raised beds and I tell you, that is the best way to grow a garden. No plowing or rototilling for us. Larry does not like to use anything with gas power on our garden, though he does use a weedwacker around it. Of course, he uses a chainsaw for cutting our firewood, but we don't eat that! Though I do worry about him breathing the fumes when he's working on it.

I had a old milk sink that is used in a barn for processing milk. I put it out in the yard and Larry filled it with composted dirt and now I plan on planting basil in it. Yesterday, a lady I met on FreeCycle gave me some chives, mint, lemon balm and oregano cuttings to plant in one of my stone beds. They survived the transplanting and looked great today. Of course we had some rain too so that helped.

We have had a drier than normal May and June for our area. Usually I am lucky if I get my plants in the ground by the fourth of July. But I did get them in before Memorial Day this year. Lots of tomatoes already! And I will have lots of green beans pretty soon. Potatoes too will do real good I am sure.

Take care and check back with me soon. Take a look at My Homesteading Journey available for sale on my website at My Homesteading Journey. It is the story of my life, and I think you "wannabe" homesteaders just might like it!
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