Thursday, January 24, 2008

My Thoughts On Dying and Death

When someone close to you passes away, your life is never the same. Something is missing from it. Even if it was a person that you did not see often, now you know that you will not see them or talk to them again. So it weighs heavy on your heart. Sometimes you think of something or hear something that you really want to tell them.

My mother died in November 2002. Nothing tore at my heart more than her passing. I knew she would die.....I expected it. She had been ill for many years. Many times I heard her say that she wanted to die. She was in so much pain. So I understood she was better off.....but I missed her so and still do. She was such a part of my life.

I did not really know how to deal with my grief that well back then. It wasn't until I started reading the Bible did I start feeling my grief lessen. I see that for people who know the Lord, our grief and missing the person is only a for a little while......we will be together again. When you are with people who are dying that are saved and believe in Jesus, dying just seems to be so much easier for them. They know where they are going and that they will see you soon.
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