Tuesday, February 12, 2008

How We Started Our Homesteading Life

My husband and I have been living here on our Peaceful Forest Homestead since 1999. It took us four years to find our property. Before that, we lived in St. Petersburg, Florida. We both worked at Home Shopping Network in Clearwater. I worked on the floor taking the calls from people who were ordering items that were on the televised shopping program. My step-daughter, Hollie, worked with me there too. My husband got a promotion due to his background working at IBM for many years, he was able to work in the Telecommunications department. It was like having four complete telephone companies in one place. They made over $100,000 a minute and that is no lie.

There were several things that happened to us down there that gradually changed our values and goals. We started reading Countryside Magazine and Backwoods Home Magazine and saw that there were other ways to live that seemed to make more sense. More sense than that rat race. More sense than seeing who can die with the most toys or the faniciest houses or cars. So back we came to our home state of New York.

My husband took a job driving a over-the-road truck that took him all over the whole country. So I put all our belongings in storage and we thought we'd have a chance to see what part of the country we wanted to live in. Of course, our eyes were focused on the state of Wyoming. But every time we came back toward home, when you cross from Ohio into Pennsylvania, our eyes would glisten. Green mountains, tall trees, thick forest, the beauty of our home area as he drove that eighteen wheeler into New York!

We did find a property to rent while we prepared to learn our homesteading skills. It was a modern house on a farm. It had a woodstove chimney so we could get one and I could learn about it. It also was on 200 acres of land and we were on a dead end road and our house was beyond the dead end. It was perfect for someone learning to homestead! It was like an adventure was beginning for us.
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