Monday, April 26, 2010

Our First Awakening For Jesus Concert!

Saturday we had an awesome concert, The Awakening For Jesus at the Living Hope Alliance Church in Port Crane, New York. The music was awesome! My husband, Larry Lupole planned this concert with Pastor Michael Andrus from the Living Hope Alliance Church. One of the church ladies baked, I do not know how many, dozens of homemade cookies............they were so good! I try not to eat any sugar at all and I must admit that I failed on that Saturday. They were good though! They also had pizza and a huge pan of zita and sauce, coffee, lemonade and tea. What more could you want?

The music was performed by various Christian artists. We had a good mix of music........something for everyone. Rusty Leyden drove all the way from Rochester, NY to share the day and his wonderful music ministry with us. A true Godly man.

Wendee Buchmann Peake's music always touches me. And she did not disappoint me. She is so talented with The Holy Spirit working through her constantly. She played her guitar, the drums and the piano and sung her own moving music given to her by the Lord.

Sweet Aroma came to us after they left the Ruth Graham conference at Davis College in Johnson City, NY. They had a little trouble trouble getting to the church as their GPS had them going in circles.......Living Hope Alliance Church is a country church and out a little ways. But they found us and they put on a blessed performance, with good music, humor and inspiring words.

Mended was a band that played beautiful music and a band I was not familiar with. I really enjoyed them and felt their message coming through loud and clear!  They played a mixture of their own music with a few songs by known artists. Beautiful! Hope to hear them again soon.

My husband, Larry Lupole put this event together with Pastor Andrus. He performed first and played his own music. His songs are so meaningful and thought provoking. I am proud of him and his talent. He says it is not him, but the Lord. So I say..........they sure do a great job, and he is truly blessed!

R.O.A.R., Rock Of Ages Revival played last. They are an awesome rock band!! They make you want to get up and dance. I saw people keeping beat with the music and it seemed like they could barely make themselves sit still (though no one would have complained if people were dancing in their seats or the aisles). Tammy and Steve Gendron have just revamped their band and this was their first public appearance. The rest of this talented band consists of Mike Winters, Bob Vanfossen and Mike Shenk. They seem to go well together. Looking forward to hearing them more this year.

I just want to add here that if you live in the Binghamton area you might want to check out the Living Hope Alliance Church at 848 Ballyhack Road in Port Crane, NY. It is on the corner of Ballyhack and Potter Hill roads. It is a very beautiful church in a peaceful setting and some of the nicest people you'd ever hope to meet. I especially enjoy Pastor Andrus's parents! Stop in some time and tell them you found them from my blog......maybe we will be there to welcome you too!

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