Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Seasons Of The Forest

Living in the state forest of upstate New York makes me very much in tune to the changes that take place in the forest during the year or years. It has changed since I moved here eleven years ago in 1999. I have watched loggers come and go through it with their equipment not caring what gets in their way. I have seen a tornado in 2000 take out over 300 trees on our tiny piece of land and many, many more on the state forest tracts. Then they had loggers come in and do their thing. I have seen and still see the hunters, hikers, snow mobilers and four-wheelers come through and do their part too. For the most part the hardest on the land is the four-wheelers and I believe they are on the state forest illegally. The trouble is that all, except the tornadoes and storms, leave behind so much litter and garbage that I wonder why they bother coming out here to begin with. 

The forest is so beautiful and awesome at every season in the year. In the winter after a fresh snowfall, you can walk through it and it is insulated with a quietness I have never experienced anywhere else. You can hear every single sound so clearly. In the trees, high above my head I can hear the activity of the squirrels and birds who have made their residences in the canopy of the tree tops. I can look at the tracks in the snow and see the prints of rabbits and other animals who call my forest their home too. In the snow among the spruce trees, we often see the round beds made in the snow by the deer herds who feel safe sleeping in our little forest directly behind our house. I especially love seeing the tiny circle next to a larger one showing a mother and baby snuggling close for the night! 

In the spring, there is much new life peeking through. I love seeing the return of our resident robins, but it means my winter birds, the chickadees and blue jays head back into the forest as the robins take over our garden and lawn. The cowbirds move into our horses' paddock. You see the birds and animals all have their own routines and customs and they never stray from them. New plants are showing their sleepy heads. I love seeing the new growth on our lawn. Green grass amongst the old grass from the fall. Our horses eagerly await the new grass as that is their favorite with much vitamins and minerals that they badly want and need. They will chance being zapped by the electric fence for a quick nibble! 

I am looking forward to the summer in the forest. I can't pick one particular season I like the best. As far as comfort, the summer of course is the most comfortable with the least amount of work. So I will say that. And I have always loved Autumn because I love the colors of the trees. The only thing is that means the season is over and the trees lose their leaves. So I would say spring and summer is a tie

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