Saturday, May 08, 2010

Gardening Season Is Almost Here!

I have been awaiting anxiously the time to plant my garden. My seedlings have all been sprouting and some of them I am transferring into bigger pots today. They have grown too big for their flats. Need room to spread those roots. I will not jump the gun and stick them in the ground too early. It is a good thing too as they are saying we will be having snow showers tomorrow. I know New York weather only too well! I try to be patient as much as I can.

With the prices in the grocery stores for food you have to be crazy not to grow a garden this year. We all need food. You can easily plant some seeds or plants in containers if you are afraid of the effort of putting in a regular garden. It is great if you like certain vegetables that are out of sight price wise. Not to mention the safety issues and of course, taste. Nothing tastes better than a tomato picked from your own plant! I know because I never buy tomatoes in the grocery stores as they have no taste. What are you paying for? Cardboard? Cucumbers are the same. Horrible! Yet the ones I grow in my garden are so good I can eat a whole one like an apple.

My father is the gardener I have learned from. He is still gardening and next Thursday he turns 91! My mother and him always had a garden but it was his baby. He worked it. She just would go out and pick some vegetables for supper. She has been gone now for over seven years and he is still gardening. He is the type of man who needs to keep busy (like my husband).

Memorial Day is the normal planting day around here. So I will work on the plants I keep in containers. I like to grow as much food as I can in every single lick of space there is. Our raised beds hold our rich, black beautiful compost and it is worth having because our plants usually are very strong and productive. There are some plants that I will start from seeds in the ground but I have even started cucumbers and squash inside this year to hope to get a quick start on the garden.

I already have some lettuce and greens growing as they can be started in cool weather. Soon we will be having some tasty salads with them, adding in some wild greens too. Easy to make a big salad with what we have. Not having to worry about the nasty stuff (E-Coli) from the stores is a big relief.

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