Monday, May 03, 2010

Selling On Bonanzle

I have been uncluttering my house lately. A couple of months ago I took some boxes of stuff to my local thrift store. Now I was wishing I could sell some of the things I have as money is getting tight. I feel we are living in a very bad depression and I can use every penny I can make now. So here I am with tons of books and things that I normally would have sold on eBay. But I cannot afford eBay anymore. Once it changed it was never fun again.

So I found this new place called Bonanzle. I had received a newsletter on Saturday from WebProNews that told that it was eBay's competition and that it had just been funded by Venture Captial and was on it's way. So I went to their site to check it out. I tried to register for a new account and it said my user name and email address was already taken. So I tried to login and sure enough.........I was already a member! Plus, I had two packages of guitar strings already listed. I further checked and found I had joined in March of 2009 and came back two days later and never again after that. Wow! Now what was up with that?? Why would I have done that?

Saturday, yesterday and today, I have been listing more guitar strings and used books I have for sale. I think I could do well on this. I did on eBay but after awhile they started protecting buyers and trying to hurt the sellers. I think they never realized that the SELLERS are the reason the buyers came there to begin with. Buyers can do what they want over there and treat the sellers pretty badly and they think the seller has no choice but to take it. Reminds me of the public school systems! LOL

Bonanzle lets you list for free and you only have a fee after the sale and it is the final value fee. I think it is a lot lower than eBay's fees. Not real familar with the fees yet. I just know that I am listing items for sale and have no fees as of yet. Since it is cheaper, I find I can offer my books for less money than if I had higher fees. If you are thinking of selling somewhere you may want to check them out.

Their discussion boards are not full of whiners and complainers like eBay has. I cannot tolerate whiners and complainers! It is one thing I do not like about people as the internet seem to be full of them. Don't whine and complain..........instead change it. Do something about it to make a difference so you don't need to complain or whine.

The way the prices have gone up not only in the grocery stores, but gas, kerosene and just everything in general, makes you have to take control of your situation. For me that means having many streams of income coming in from a variety of sources so I am not dependent on one thing. Then if that fails, I have others that are still going strong. Everyone should do that, including and especially, people dependent on jobs and government checks.

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