Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Classic Fantasy

Today is supposed to be "Wordless Wednesday" in blogging circles. Hard for me to be wordless today or any other day. I am a writer and words are what I do!

I have been truly blessed lately, my husband has been practicing his music almost daily now. He sings and plays the guitar and writes songs. This coming Saturday is the Lupole Family Reunion's 30th reunion so we are planning some special activities for it. He is going to be playing a very special song that he wrote the music to. It is called  "Will I Find My Star."

My wonderful husband, Larry

His Uncle Bernard Lupole who was a very special man wrote poetry. He wrote poetry for years and we did not even know it. He passed away the day before his 92nd birthday in 2009. After he died, his wife, Aunt Lois gave us his book of poems for my husband to see if he could put music to one of them. I read those poems and they were just awesome! They were a reflection of Uncle Bernard's life dedicated to being a true witness to Jesus Christ. My husband picked up the book, and it fell open to this particular poem.  When he picked up the guitar...........the music just flowed!  He did not have to work on it at all. This will be the first time that Aunt Lois will hear the song. We can't wait as it is really good. I am really looking forward to her hearing it! I know she will love it. I know I do.

My husband has been writing songs for years. He was a musician in the army and played for the Special Services. Music has always been a part of his life. His mother's love of music influenced a whole family of musicians! When his family gets together it is not unusual for music to be played, from my husband, and his sister Pat, and her husband, Tim, to their four daughters and their families. Even the littlest children sing and play instruments. It feels like my mother-in-law is there with us every time! She'd be so proud.

So if you'd like to check out Larry Lupole's Music cd, Classic Fantasy, it is available all over the internet. It is a classic rock cd with all the songs being written and sung by Larry Lupole. He is a very talented song writer. It is not a country music cd, just because he is wearing a cowboy hat! He is presently working on new material and will be getting that recorded very soon.

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