Monday, June 21, 2010

A Digital Camera Is Essential For Me

The Finger Lakes lean-to along the trail.

Peaceful Forest Homestead is situated in the middle of the Finger Lakes Trail, as it runs through the Ludlow Creek State Forest, and alongside Ludlow Creek. When we moved here eleven years ago, our road was hardly used. We were surprised to see more than two or three cars a day go by our house. Back then I had a camera that used regular film and you had to take it to the store to be developed. You never knew if your film turned out or not until you took it in. How many rolls of film did you have that the pictures did not turn out? Or they were just not good quality photos? Now, that is a thing of the past.

I love these new digital cameras! You can do so much with a good quality camera now. So many to choose from these days. How about the new Nikon camera? What is nice about these is the fact that they come in a variety of styles and options........and might I add, prices? Price is very important in these times. You want the most for your money and buying a name brand camera would be a smart move. I find that if you spend money on something that does not have a good reputation or an unknown you are taking a chance. Even if you spend less, in the long run it can end up costing you much more.

Taking pictures now has become more widespread than ever before. Since people upload photos onto Facebook, myspace, utube, blogs and what have you, owning a nice quality Nikon camera that you can carry with you becomes the norm. Just stick it in your purse or briefcase or even your pocket and you are ready to go.  I know for myself, I always carry my camera with me. It is fun to load your photos onto your blogs or facebook. I just loaded a bunch yesterday of a walk down along the trail onto facebook.

A Nikon Camera gives you the choice of  options and prices so there is sure to be one that you can afford or what you are looking for. I know for me that the camera has become essential for my computer work. I have two websites as well as my blogs and I need to be able to take excellent quality photos for all. Using the photo software you can change your photos so a photo that may not look so hot on the camera looks fantastic when you put it in your computer. I fine tune them to make them stand out. It addresses my creative side I guess.

So research the various well known brands of digital cameras and read some reviews. Know what you want before you purchase. Make an educated choice on a good camera and spend your money wisely. Have fun with the camera once you get it. Don't wait for a special occasion to learn to use it. Use it as soon as you get it and explore all the available options on it. Have fun!

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